Explore Property enters the Whitsundays and Rockhampton markets

Explore Property Group is capitalising on the Covid-inspired trend of sea and tree changes, with new offices opening in the Whitsundays and Rockhampton.

While Explore has long had ambitions to expand into both regions, Group Leader Andrew Acton said the group’s presence was always going to be dictated by its alignment with the right people.

“We will never push to have an office for the sake of it,” he said.

“We are patient, and think long term – the right people in the right location is our plan.”

Fortunately, those people have come along, and at the perfect time too.

“Both these markets are in a golden time which is a Queensland-wide market surge,” Mr Acton said.

“Covid has been a real contributor to the strength of economically strong regional lifestyle markets.

“It’s forced people to re-evaluate how they live their lives, and the bigger regional markets are places of opportunity, safety and relative value.”

The Whitsundays office will be run by 15-year Ray White stalwart, Steve Marks, while Rockhampton will be headed up by emerging talent Marissa Titmarsh.

“If we could have chosen anyone to become our franchisee in the region, Steve would have been the number one choice, so it’s such a wonderful opportunity to work with an agent and leader of his quality,” Mr Acton said.

“Marissa Titmarsh is an emerging talent in the industry and we see her as the new breed of high-quality agents with the perfect mix of people skills and tech mastery.

“With Steve, it was a natural progression. He’s done it all as an agent and to support others and lead his own agency is a path of reaching his potential which I greatly admire.

“Steve is a family man and also has a long term view of creating an opportunity for his family’s involvement and future.

“Marissa is the new generation agent who thrives with resources and training support that allow her to flourish. 

“She knows we can give her the genuine know-how and support to be great and develop.”

Mr Acton said he predicted a continuing strengthening of both markets, despite their differences.

“These two locations are very different from each other with the Whitsundays being home to some of Queensland’s best lifestyle properties,” Mr Acton said.

“When the Whitsundays market goes it really goes, and attracts high net worth people and developers.

“This, along with a resurgence in the local economy makes this one of the most active markets in the state.

“We also have a vision to serve the Hamilton Island market of which the Whitsundays is the link.”

Mr Acton said the central Queensland market of Rockhampton was one of the areas that had enjoyed the greatest resurgence in the property market.

“Already economically sound being the beef capital, it’s now seeing a diversification of people moving to the area and we will support this surge over the coming years.”

The expansion of Explore Property into the Whitsundays and Rockhampton represent the next step in the company’s broader plan to share its brand, resources, marketing, and support with quality people in economically sound lifestyle-oriented markets.

“We are growing and to attract the talent we are, shows our true emergence as a framework that can support people to reach their potential and get the most from their careers and life,” Mr Acton said.

“My whole life is about helping people reach their potential in the real estate industry.

“To be able to serve our members and the broader industry is a privilege for me. We already have some wonderful people across our group, so to have people of this quality sharing the journey with all our members is very fulfilling.

“We are very focused on continuing to share Explore Property and offer our platform as a powerful alternative between crowded franchises and isolated independents.

“The southeast corner is the next push for us and it offers new franchisees the opportunity to bring a modern exciting brand to their market.”

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.

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