Explore Property’s Andrew Acton on why good leaders are part of the team

There is no place for the word ‘my’ in a real estate business.

That’s the view of Explore Property Group Leader, Andrew Acton, who says nothing makes him cringe more than the phrase ‘my team’.

According to Mr Acton, the word ‘my’ should be replaced with ‘our’ if leaders wanted to make a truly positive impact on the team, and in turn, the business.

“Former Prime Minister John Howard once said, ‘The Prime Minister is the first among equals’, when referring to his relationship with the ministers in the government, and it’s a good analogy for real estate leaders as well,” Mr Acton said. 

“No one is above you, and no one is below you in this life.”

While each team member has different roles and responsibilities, Mr Acton said team leaders must remember they are part of the team, not the boss of the team.

“A real turning point for my agency leadership journey was realising that agents don’t work for me, I actually work for them,” he said.

“An established agent can basically get a position at any agency, so knowing, articulating and then implementing added value to the agents in your business is essential.”

Mr Acton said he understood how fortunate Explore Property Group was to have its offices, and he was dedicated to leading them through support and guidance. 

“It’s all about being of service and being willing to engage and support,” he said. 

“We are part of a broader team, with an important function, that must be carried out with skill and care.”

Being humble is the value respected above most others, according to Mr Acton, who also believes leadership is a privilege and should be treated accordingly.

“It’s okay to be vulnerable and transparent as a leader,” Mr Acton said.

“As the leader, your role is to take the business on a positive journey, and in real estate, the little things are the big things.

“It’s not always about the details or the transactions, more often it’s the human connection and the ability to inspire and encourage that will empower your agency.”

Authenticity is key, Mr Acton said, and leading by example from a place of authenticity will produce better results than a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude.

“Being connected and part of the team allows you to help manage challenges, and lead people’s ambitions and aspirations,” Mr Acton said.

“Most importantly, a leader needs to be authentic in their care.

“If you don’t care about the business, you can’t expect others to.”

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.

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