Episode 21: How to Lead With Authenticity: Tracey Fellows, REA Group

Editor Samantha McLean interviews REA Group CEO Tracey Fellows on leadership.

Transform Masters: Tracey Fellows is one of the industry’s most accomplished and experienced leaders having held senior leadership roles for companies like Microsoft and Australia Post before heading up REA. With interesting lessons for everyone, Samantha McLean asked Tracey in-depth questions about how she finds and retains top talent, how she manages the demands of work with her personal life, how reward and recognition are tied to values, and why you need to create an environment where people want to perform in order for them to do their best.

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Episode Host: Samantha McLean
Interviewee: Tracey Fellows


Introduction – 00:30

A background of Tracey Fellows; what led her to REA Group and memorable moments of her career – 02:00

REA Group’s team diversity; what has happened in the last 12 months – 03:45

“You want people who have a level of ambition. Who have a level of drive, but (you) also want people who care about the purpose that we have.” – 04:51

Tracey’s mentor during her leadership at Microsoft said: “Tracey, it’s all about love. It’s not about big words, and it’s not about pretty pictures. It’s about what’s in your heart. And only when your people know what’s in your heart can they follow you.” – 05:55

Staying ahead of the curve and of digital trends, both at REA Group and personally – 07:00

Developing a leading and reputable culture at REA Group – 08:25

Why REA Group was named one of LinkedIn’s Top Attractors – 10:13

The benefits of working with REA Group; engaging with cultural diversity and approaching wellness – 11:20

“Do it with the heart.” REA Group’s community work with the Launch Housing Program: how employees provide support for homelessness – 13:58

Keeping multi-generations inspired i.e. Gen-Y, millennials, etc – 15:17

The ‘KPIs’ of REA Group: living and staying within the values of the company – 17:05

Tracey’s advice for travelling the path of leadership; be braver sooner and be authentic always – 17:46

Juggling work-life balance: family, holidays. On missing out on a family commitment, Tracey says, “The one thing I’ve learnt as I’ve gotten older is not to torture yourself.” – 18:49

Tracey’s advice for today’s industry leaders: Authenticity is key. People want real people, both with clients and internally in your business – 20:46

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