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Doorknocking, cold-calling and building relationships with Charmaine Keegan and Josh Pyatt

Bio’s for Charmaine and Josh

Josh Pyatt is a high performance real estate coach, trainer and consultant. He has worked with all types of agents, from those who are new to the industry to agents who consistent high performers. His winning strategies have been created to propel real estate professionals to remarkable success.

Charmaine Keegan is the Director and Head Trainer of Smarter Selling. She has spent over 25 years immersed in the world of selling, and has a reputation for outstanding results. A trainer of NLP, she loves learning and embracing all new ideas.

Lesson Highlights

This video is part of a series and covers

  • Dollar productive activities and how to incorporate them into your business: clean data of property owners, call sessions and prospecting, door-knocking, market appraisals, servicing buyers and owners, holding world-class open homes and auctions, listing presentations and listing and selling property
  • 10 types of phone calls you can make: Monday morning open for inspection calls, emailing enquiries, past open for inspections, anniversary calls etc
  • How a world-class open for inspection looks like
  • Qualifying questions you can ask people to win listings
  • How to convince vendors to fix their property in order to improve listing presentation.
  • How to hold world-class open homes and auctions when the property is tenanted.
  • How your listing presentations should look like
  • Connecting with buyers and sellers and strategies you should use to make more sales
  • Building your rapport quickly with clients
  • Asking meaningful, relevant questions that make sense to clients
  • The biggest turnoffs to clients when it comes to real estate agents’ communication
  • Balancing rapport with different people who want appointment without looking bipolar
  • The approximate longest time you should stay for the first meeting with vendors
  • Strategies for fee projection: build better relationships with people
  • Scripts for qualifying buyers and potential vendors
  • Low dollar productive activities that everyone mistakenly believes are high dollar productive activities
  • The best way to approach new clients and business

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