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:Different’s Tony Blamey talks property management as-a-service

PropTech company :Different has been creating a bit of a buzz of late, unveiling a new product that offers property management as-a-service.

In this episode of Elite Agent TV, Chief Revenue Officer Tony Blamey explains how :Different is set to help agency leaders and property managers, along with other new areas the company is focused on.

​​How does :Different help agency leaders and PMs?

Property management is really complex and the approach :Different has taken is to try and solve the problems for the end user – being the property owner and the tenant as well.

So that’s really what we’ve been focused on; how do we create a great property management experience for owners and tenants?

​What makes :Different great to work with?

We’ve got a really simple philosophy, which is we want to be transparent, we want to be consistent, we want people to be involved when there are the moments of truth.

That is really important in property management.

Technology’s great at being transparent, technology’s great at being consistent, but when something goes wrong, we need to be able to pick up the phone and talk to an individual – an individual with deep property management expertise.

We’re really combining that technology with people and are able to deliver a great service as a result.

Tell us about the new ‘property management as-a-service’ product for agencies?

We’re offering a B2B experience. This means we take out all the complexities that come with managing a rent roll.

So, the agency retains ownership of their management agreements and we take care of the rest.

This is particularly important at the moment because you’ve got a situation where there are huge staff shortages.

There’s 3000 vacant property management roles in Australia at the moment, 25 per cent of property managers intend to leave the industry in the next 12 months.

This kind of talent shortage and challenges around retention is a real pain point for all agencies.

We remove the operational headaches so they can focus on what they’re really good at.

And then, we can make that really efficient for real estate agencies, so they can focus on growing their rent roll rather than the ongoing management of that rent roll.

​ What else are you working on at the moment?

There are a couple of things that we’re working on at the moment.

One is a retirement product. So, what we’re finding that there’s a high demand from agency principals that are thinking about leaving the industry in the next three to five years.

We can offer them a solution, which is basically let us take care of your rent roll, put it in a great position so that when you’re ready to sell you can put that on the market and limit your downside risk.

So that retirement product is in development at the moment.

The other product that we’ve got in development involves maintenance for your own home.

We’ve built out all this technology solution for rental properties, but that can be applied to someone’s own home as well.

We’re building out that solution as well.

​How do we find out more?

To find more information, go to our website different.com.au.

You can find out all the information that you need in terms of our agency offering, and you can book a meeting in one click.

You can also connect with, anyone from :Different via LinkedIn as well.

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