Dean Yeo and Samantha McLean: Top 5 marketing tips

Elite Agent’s Samantha McLean shares her top five marketing tips in conversation with businessDepot’s Dean Yeo.

Whether it’s taking time out of your day to build your marketing database or knowing which social media platform you should be tailoring your content to, these tips are easy to enact and offer a big return for a small effort.

1. Connect with everyone you meet

The easiest way to grow your database is to connect with everyone you meet, particularly on LinkedIn, Samantha says.

This could be as simple as writing a recent connection a quick message to say that you enjoyed meeting someone and that you’d like to stay in touch.

“I love LinkedIn because you don’t have to be all social on LinkedIn, you can just talk shop and it’s completely acceptable,” she says.

2. Marketing at a local level is still important

It might sound counterintuitive, but during a property market downswing could actually be the perfect time to give your marketing a boost, Samantha says.

“The trouble is, if you’re a real estate agent and you go a bit quiet, all people hear is the mainstream media, who are full of bad news right now,” she says.

Instead, Samantha says you need to act as though you’re a local news reporter, getting out there and telling your patch about the market and the good things that are happening.

3. Marketing is about presence

It might be tempting to jump on the latest social media platform, but before you do, you need to assess whether your target market is actually active there.

“If you’re looking for audiences to promote your content to, think about who your target customer is and where they might be,” she says.

“Focus on that platform and then repurpose to the others.”

4. Marketing is made easier with structure

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like creating content – even if you can set aside a time every day to interact with others on your social platforms you’ll build your profile, Samantha says.

“Even if you don’t like creating content, set aside 10 to 15 minutes a day to connect with people, especially on LinkedIn, to like and comment on peoples posts,” Samantha says.

“That builds real relationships in marketing… and you don’t have to do anything else.”

5. Relevance, relationship, presence (RRP)

If you’re having trouble remembering any of the above tips, just remember the acronym RRP.

It’s a term coined by Samantha and the Elite Agent team and it means relevance, relationship and presence.

“We believe you need to have all of those three to have your marketing work and your business grow,” Samantha says.

That means having relevant content, developing a strong presence where your clients are looking, and building real relationships both online and offline.

Remember those three terms and you’ll be putting your best foot forward.

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