Key pillars of success: Joel Hood and Jarrod Carman on marketing yourself, taming your database and making effective cold calls

After building successful and award-winning careers within Agents'Agency, Joel Hood and Jarrod Carman sit down to talk about some of the key fundamentals that drove them to become top-performing agents and industry leaders.

Being a successful real estate agent often comes down to doing the basics right and focusing on the key areas of your business that drive profits.

Joel Hood and Jarrod Carman had built successful and award-winning businesses in Victoria within Agents’Agency by focusing on the fundamentals before Joel decided to move to Queensland and start from scratch after a short period working on the corporate side.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast with Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean, Joel and Jarrod revisit their key pillars of success that allowed them to become top agents in Victoria and share the most effective ways to get your business off the ground if you’re moving to a new area or just starting out.

They talk about how to effectively market your business, the best way to cold call leads, the value of your database and how to plan out your year so that you reach your goals.

“Fear is the biggest killer and I think you have to have a real understanding as to why you’re doing it and not just why for yourself… but why would the client want to hear from you?” – Jarrod Carman

Some key highlights of this episode hosted by Elite Agent’s Samantha McLean include:

  • 6.56 – how to avoid “carnage” in your personal life, achieve work-life balance and be successful in real estate
  • 11.05 – the best ways to make cold calls and turn them into warm leads
  • 14.20 – how to genuinely help your prospective vendors and not just ‘sell’ to them
  • 16.25 – the perfect size database to generate 100 listings per year and the best way to manage your contacts so you sell ideal properties all year round
  • 21.33 – how to streamline your marketing and budget effectively, so you can focus on growing your business and your profit
  • 24.40 – why working together will not only make you a more successful agent but it will also make your job easier and more profitable

Jarrod Carman
Joel Hood
Collective Success: Joel Hood and Jarrod Carman

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.