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Creativity and innovation in property management: Hannah Gill

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42 min 05 sec

What You’ll Learn:

Want to gather insights about property management from an industry heavyweight, on everything from technology and automation to engaging your clients and your team?

Looking to take a deep dive in to not only the challenges facing the industry, but also the opportunities? 

Then this masterclass with property management expert and 2020 ACT Telstra Business Woman of the Year Hannah Gill is essential viewing.

With the implications of COVID-19 being felt across the real estate industry, Hannah Gill has been driving innovation at Independent in Canberra and, in this Transform 2020 Coach Series session, shares her insights on how traditional ways of working can be challenged while delivering a genuinely customer-centred service. 

In this Transform lesson:

  • Get a detailed insight in to Hannah’s perspective on where the property management industry is currently at, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated change and innovation. 
  • Understand what the core challenges facing the industry are, and how we can shift our thinking around the purpose of property management to ultimately deliver increased value to clients. 
  • Learn what Hannah predicts the industry will look like in the future based on current trends, from multiple perspectives
    • Technological, and what technology means for relationships 
    • Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), in shifting from a reactive mindset to a proactive one
    • Automation, and significant time savings
    • Relationships and wealth creation, and the expertise required 
    • Diversification of services, and offering bespoke service packages  
  • Understand how Hannah has driven innovation at Independent in direct response to COVID-19 across four key areas:
    • Operational: how the task-based nature of the industry can be largely automated or adjusted for an improved client experience.
    • Client communication: especially the one medium of communication that is wildly underrated
    • Employee experience: how to keep staff engaged, especially through a change management lens and where the responsibility for team culture lies (hint: it’s with all of us!)
    • Technology stack: the questions you should be asking yourself before investing in a new tech platform.

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