Courageous Conversations: Sherrie Storor on why the show must go on and how agents can achieve success without the hustle and grind

As much as we’d like it to, not everything always pans out as we hope. Sherrie Storor shares the deeply personal experience of being faced with a situation she could not change and her tips on the self-care and support that allows you to find perspective.

Sherrie Storor is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the industry. Renowned for her can-do attitude and positive mindset, she has worked hard, achieved success as an agent, lost it all then reinvented herself to emerge as a sought-after real estate coach.

But as this Courageous Conversation with Leanne Pilkington reveals, behind that bright, smiling demeanour is a personal struggle that Sherrie has been navigating for the past couple of years.

And it’s forced someone who views herself as an ‘agent of change’ to accept a situation she may not be able to alter.

In this deeply personal podcast, Sherrie reveals the hidden struggle she has been grappling with and how it has affected her personally and professionally.

She shares the thought process that has allowed her to push through, despite riding an emotional rollercoaster that vacillates between hope and loss.

With her new-found perspective, Sherrie offers essential tips on self-care, finding the positive, and seeking out the space and support you need when times get tough.

She offers an insight into what this experience has taught her and how it has allowed her to emerge stronger, more resilient and with exciting plans for her business ahead.

Sherrie also takes the time to share her expert advice on where agents should be focusing in the year ahead, why real estate should shake off the mantra of ‘hustle and grind’, and how industry professionals can achieve a work-life balance.

“There is something about pushing through and the show must go on. And really, you know, honestly, one of the big things that I have noticed in working with agents and high-performers and high-performing business owners, is that they also have this skill too. They are able to be completely broken, receive the most tragic and terrible news and go into a listing presentation within the next hour.” Sherrie Storor

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Sherrie and Leanne also discuss

  • Why self-care is essential and how to ensure you take the time out and space you need with the right people around you when things get tough
  • What agents should be doing right now to level up for 2022, and why this year is not about the mantra of ‘hustle and grind’
  • Why industry professionals looking to enjoy a life outside of real estate need to get ‘really good at their job’ and tips on where they should start
  • How to re-embrace the joy of a real estate career and convey that to your market
  • Why agents need to engage on social media, how they can incorporate it into their processes, and what they need to do to
  • How to build a celebrity profile and then convert it into meaningful relationships with clients
  • Why it’s important to slow down occasionally in order to speed up and the things agents need to do to ensure they meet their goals
  • What Sherrie is up to next and the courses that have allowed agents to double and triple their income, with some even increasing it five-fold

And much, much more  

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