Courageous Conversations: Michael Sheargold talks the ’empathy factor’, how to avoid the slump of a lockdown and being the leader your team needs right now

Leading a team right now is not without its challenges. Between lockdown fatigue and a landscape of business uncertainty, motivation can be in short supply.

So who better to tackle the issue than two of the industry’s most respected leaders – renowned real estate coach Michael Sheargold who has more than 63,000 collective hours of coaching and presenting to his name, and Leanne Pilkington who has 25 years of experience in leading teams.

In this podcast, Michael engages in a Courageous Conversation with Leanne about leadership and motivation in the current climate.

Michael explains right now the focus should be on what winning looks today or this week rather than the long-term view. It should also shift from what people can’t do to the things that they can.

Michael also offers some great tips on giving your team the energy and support they need, along with how to set up a winning day.

He also poses the question every leader should be asking their team members to foster accountability and turn goals into action.

“Often when I’m talking with great agents and leaders, there’s this perception if there were 100 things you could do pre-COVID there’s only 90 you can do now. So there’s 10 things you can’t do.

“Are you going to focus on the ones you can’t do or become really, really good at doing the 90 that you can?” Michael Sheargold.

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Leanne and Michael also discuss:

  • The three elements of leadership, and why leading and managing are very different things
  • Why success is built on empathy and the ability to see someone else’s point of view
  • How empathy applies to both leaders and agents or property managers, and also your team and the customer perspective
  • Why a review/preview each day is essential at the moment
  • How to help your team shift their energy
  • Why making it okay to be stuck on something helps foster success
  • Ways to avoid the ‘same stuff, different day’ slump of lockdowns
  • Why accountability isn’t something you impose on your staff, but instead involves reminding them about what they are committed to
  • How leaders can set themselves up to be the person their team needs now
  • And more…

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