Michael Sheargold expands leadership toolkit with Coach the Coach

With a tough year now entering its final stretch, there’s never been a better time for real estate leaders to expand their toolkit and bring out the best in their team, according to renowned real estate coach Michael Sheargold.

On 25 September, Mr Sheargold will launch a 10-week program designed to help leaders do just that as he brings Coach the Coach to the virtual world.

Building on the previous success of the two-day Coach the Coach workshops, this year’s event will be delivered live online each Friday morning, and will cover nine powerful themes:

  • Creating an effective coaching relationship
  • Assessing the current reality
  • Building motivation for change
  • Re-framing the past for better possibility
  • Creating a compelling future
  • Building a results plan of action
  • Gaining permission for accountability
  • Building even greater momentum
  • Unlocking empowering beliefs for success

Mr Sheargold noted real estate teams were looking for leadership now more than ever before.

“People are looking for guidance, direction and leadership that gives them certainty about where they’re headed,” he said.

“Coach the Coach is focused on ensuring leaders are better skilled to focus on others.”

Likening the scenario to a builder who attended a job site with more tools than they would require for the job at hand, Mr Sheargold said Coach the Coach empowered leaders with a new perspective and all the tools would need in the lifetime of business.

Topics covered in the program include establishing coaching relationships, assessing the leader’s current reality, shifting belief systems, and creating frameworks.

Mr Sheargold explained leaders often mistakenly believe coaching was simply about supporting the performance of their team members in everyday tasks like listings, negotiating and achieving the highest price for a property.

“Performance coaching is far more than that. It’s about the team member, where they’re headed, what their future looks like, and how they advance to achieve their goals.

“Great leaders have a healthy dissatisfaction with the present,” he continued.

“They create positive energy in the direction of their vision and clear negative energy. They have the ability to say ‘We’re here today and we’re moving forward on a journey’.”

As for who Coach the Coach is suited to, Mr Sheargold said it was anyone in the real estate industry leading a team.

“That includes property management team leaders, principals, and sales super team leaders,” he said.

“If they have a team responsibility, this skillset covered in Coach the Coach will empower them to be far more effective.”

Meanwhile, Mr Sheargold explained the program wasn’t just about better leadership but also had the potential to improve the business bottom line.

“When leaders become more effective coaches, they exponentially improve their business,” he said.

“Every leader and business owner in real estate has made a decision that they want to bring people together.

“Bringing out the best in others is key to that.”

Coach the Coach harnesses Mr Sheargold’s two decades of coaching experience, and will run for 10 weeks commencing on September 25.

The live coaching sessions are held each Friday morning, while the program is supported by practical tools and a closed Facebook group where participants can network and tap the insight of others.

For more information and to book tickets for Coach the Coach click here.

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