Here’s a quick tip something I read this week which has the potential to be a complete game changer in real estate lead generation. And its to do with something Linkedin have been quietly piloting over in the US.

You might be familiar with some outsourcing websites like Fiverr and Freelancer, where you can hire someone to write you a blog post or fix a website, or service seeking where you can hire a tradie. Linked in are starting to do something very similar – right from within LinkedIn you can now hire “pro’s” such as writers, doctors, lawyers – and yes even real estate agents.

You simply go to – click on the service that you’re looking for and bam up comes a list of qualified professionals, and then with a few more clicks you can get detailed proposals from people interested to work with you. Right now, this service is not available in Australia, but likely it won’t be too long before it is.

This move by LinkedIn is not all that surprising when you think about their core business which is connecting job seekers and recruiters. This takes it all one step further, by allowing people to hire within LinkedIn. This is another example of the digital interview that Tom Panos and Steve Carroll are always talking about. With more than 433 million people on Linkedin (and growing) it is definitely a space that we will be watching closely…so if your profile isn’t quite up to scratch it’s time to give it some love.

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  1. Hi Samantha, with news that LinkedIn has just been purchased by Microsoft for $32 billion we can expect to see the service get more publicity, and hopefully more user-friendly. LinkedIn also has a blogging feature which is a very useful publicity tool, much better than Google+

    1. Yes an interesting week for sure! And yes, I agree with you that LinkedIn is a really great blogging tool and who knows where it will all go under new ownership. But that’s the point– LinkedIn still rent you their space like facebook, twitter, and everyone else. The very best blogging tool is something you own and you can control which is your website :)

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