Colour splash: Beige bows out to vibrant 2024 interior trends

Bye, bye beige and hello colour!

According to renowned interior stylist Justine Wilson, from Vault Interiors, this will be the year we wave farewell to muted neutral tones in favour of “striking hues”.

In total, Justine says there will be four key styling movements that will influence the way we live and decorate our homes in 2024.

Bold colours: A vibrant renaissance

It’s time to bid farewell to the era of subdued tones!

Justine predicts a resurgence of vibrant, audacious colours adorning walls and furniture in 2024.

“The trend leans heavily into embracing bold and striking hues,” she notes.

From vividly painted walls to colourful furniture accents, kitchens, and bathrooms, homes will come alive with rich, daring colour palettes.

Expect a riot of primary colours and soft pastels, creating a spectrum of striking combinations throughout living spaces, bringing a vivacious charm to interiors.

Ultra-minimalism: Embracing the essence of simplicity

In contrast, Justine foresees a surge in ultra-minimalist interiors defined by sleek lines and functional simplicity.

“Clean, sparse spaces with sharp lines and minimal decorative elements will captivate minimalist enthusiasts,” she explains.

This trend resonates with the shift towards smaller living spaces, advocating for futuristic, visually sleek interiors where functionality reigns supreme.

Joinery will take centre stage, providing multifunctional solutions to optimise space without compromising on style.

Ultra-maximalism: Opulence and eclectic grandeur

Drawing inspiration from grand palaces and country estates, ultra-maximalism embraces an abundant fusion of patterns, colours, and ornate decor.

“This style celebrates an exuberant mix of patterns, art-filled walls, and an eclectic array of furnishings,” Justine says.

From gallery-style walls adorned with captivating art to collections proudly displayed, homes will exude opulence and personality, blending oldworld charm with contemporary flair.

Pioneer chic: Back to rustic roots

Justine identifies ‘Pioneer chic’ as a trend reverting to rustic, homely interiors reminiscent of settlers’ practical yet charming homes.

“Think weathered wood, vintage ceramics, and utilitarian furnishings,” she says.

This style champions worn textures like brick and stone, evoking a sense of authenticity and simplicity.

Embracing nature, this trend encourages the creation of gardens and repurposing vintage finds, encapsulating a humble and timeless aesthetic.

Justine says as homeowners seek individuality and functionality, these four trends promise to inspire and transform living spaces across the spectrum.

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