Cirrus8 launches its Executive Management Plus Dashboard

Cloud-based, commercial property management software platform Cirrus8 has just released its industry-leading Executive Management Plus Dashboard.

The business analytics tool provides commercial real estate (CRE) businesses with an unprecedented level of visibility and control over their key business performance indicators on one easy-to-read dashboard.

This CRE tool was devised out of a demand in the industry to monitor the health of a property management portfolio quickly and easily.

It uses these insights to help business owners and principals make well-informed and strategic business decisions.

The Executive Management Plus Dashboard addresses common pain points for principals and directors across Australia and New Zealand. Some of these include:

  • How profitable is my property portfolio? How is this trending?
  • How do I provide my owners/landlords with the added value they are looking for?
  • Which of my property managers are performing well?
  • Who are my top tier owners?
  • What is my total arrears position and where should I focus my effort to reduce these?
  • What’s the difference between my income vs expenses?
  • What is my current portfolio composition, and should I be increasing or decreasing assets in each category?
  • How is my overall portfolio performing in terms of rental income, occupancy rates, and tenant retention?
  • What is my ‘year-on-year’ growth?

The Cirrus8 Executive Management Plus Dashboard gives property executives and other decision-makers a comprehensive view of their portfolio’s current performance and the ability to track its progress over time.

The Dashboard provides real-time insights into business performance metrics, assists to identify areas of improvement and provides the necessary data to take corrective action where needed.

The Executive Management Plus Dashboard is a valuable resource for businesses of any size.

Its intuitive interface and ability to analyse month-to-month and year-to-year figures give commercial property executives what they need to make informed decisions that can drive their businesses forward.

By leveraging the power of the Executive Management Plus Dashboard, commercial real estate organisations and fund managers can better understand their portfolio performance and business operations and take the steps necessary to reach their financial goals.

Cirrus8’s Executive Manager Plus Dashboard provides clients with key metrics such as:

  • Gross profit – It quickly indicates whether the portfolio is in a healthy ‘green’ position on the dial. To calculate this, it measures the income vs expenses in dollars and can provide historical figures in the years prior displaying a trend in profits.
  • Variance to budget figures allows the analysis of how the portfolio is tracking against the budget.
  • A portfolio tracker provides comparison by year for Property, Active Occupied Units and Number of Owners. This data is essential for understanding the bigger picture of your portfolio. It allows you to analyse the performance of your properties over time to identify any potential issues that need addressing and adjust accordingly.
  • You can also analyse the total number of properties, current vs last year, per portfolio or per property manager. You can assess current number of leases vs last year, and see trends in vacancy rates.

A colorful array of graphs and tables on the dashboard show current management income vs budget or prior year by portfolio or by account code. Also included is a total portfolio makeup and arrears snapshot.

Real-time data analytics can provide a powerful tool for commercial real estate executives to track management fee income against budget, drill down by portfolio manager to understand anomalies, and track staff KPIs.

This commercial property management tool provides executives with invaluable insights into their business performance and helps them operate within budget.

Overall, the Executive Management Plus Dashboard provides agency executives unparalleled insight into their business’ financial performance.

As a result, Cirrus8 has once again set the bar in CRE business intelligence solutions, providing their customers with a powerful tool to improve their business performance.

You can find out more about Cirrus* and the Executive Manager Plus Dashboard here.

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