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A prosperous pathway in property: Joanne Patamisi joins Cirrus8

Property professionals have endured turbulent times. Now, more than ever, there is a growing need for an accessible and reliable property management and trust accounting solution.

To meet and exceed these needs, Cirrus8 have appointed Joanne Patamisi as the senior internationalisation manager.

Jo joins Cirrus8 with a strong background in property management, trust accounting, technology implementation, support and success and business consulting.

Check out Jo’s interview below to see what she will bring to the Cirrus8 team.

Tell us about your career before Cirrus8?

Fresh out of school, I was eager to buy my first home. To get a better understanding of the market before jumping in, I landed a job at a respected local real estate agency in Melbourne.

Enticed by the fast pace, I took advantage of opportunities offered and gained a wealth of experience in residential and commercial property management, trust accounting and business management.

Fast forward 15 years, and I ventured into the world of PropTech.

This was where my perspective of property really changed. I was captivated by market leaders on a mission to redefine how people engage with property.

In the PropTech space, I combined my industry knowledge with skills in software implementation and training, support, customer success, retention and leadership across growing and established global markets.

Why Cirrus8?

The way organisations create meaningful products for property professionals and consumers in successful and challenging times resonates strongly with me.

In a niche market like commercial property management software, reputation is everything.

It is particularly important to have the right product for customers.

Providing software that helps businesses spend less time doing mundane tasks is critical.

Cirrus8 has defined a solid reputation in product and user experience, and who would not want to be a part of that journey?

What secret sauce are you going to bring to your new role?

From product design to account disbursements, people who work in property like things to be simple.

My aim is to maintain that mindset, while I bring a fresh approach to the team and continue the great success already achieved by Raymond Bechard, Steve Carulli and the team, which will help us expand in the Asia-Pacific market and beyond.

For more information about Cirrus8 click here.

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