BresicWhitney’s clear vision for the future

BresicWhitney is an agency that knows where it's going and what it will take to get there. Chief Executive Officer Thomas McGlynn says the agency is laser focused on becoming the market leaders in Sydney. Here, he reveals how they plan to do that, including the two new markets they intend to establish a physical presence in.

When the team at BresicWhitney think about their growth goals and vision for the future, it’s safe to say it’s a little different to what many agencies traditionally aim for.

They don’t want to be the biggest brand in the country with the most offices, nor do they want to grow for growth’s sake.

Rather, BresicWhitney Chief Executive Officer Thomas McGlynn says the agency has a laser-focused vision of where they want to be in 2025 – the market leaders in Sydney.

“Next year will mark our 20-year anniversary in the Sydney marketplace, which is an opportunity to reflect but, more so, move ahead with our ‘quintessentially Sydney’ way of how we do our work and how we market our properties,” he says.

“Rather than aiming to be the biggest agency in Australia, our aim is to be Sydney’s best. 

“That doesn’t come at the expense of ambition, we’re extremely ambitious.

“However, if we wanted to be the biggest, that would mean we’d have to pursue opportunities that could risk losing our strong Sydney identity; opportunities that our people might not be passionate about or invested in. 

“We know how important our peoples’ support and belief in our mission is, and it’s something we plan to keep alive every day.”

And it’s that passion, along with the key values of using wise judgement and togetherness, that Thomas says will be the key to reaching their goals. 

He firmly believes that if your team doesn’t buy into the vision and doesn’t feel like they have a clear role to play, it’s hard to execute and move towards where you want to be.

“To drive a great attitude and world-class work, even when the market’s changing, our people need to understand the difference they can make in helping us reach this in both the short and long-term, in different ways.”

Distilling that vision down even further, Thomas says it’s essential every team member understands what being Sydney’s leading property group means, and it’s more than leading in the transactional space.

It encompasses being the leaders in client service, marketing, digital, technology, culture, attracting and retaining the best talent, and strategically growing agent and office numbers in targeted locations – largely focused on areas within a 10km radius of the Sydney CBD.

Thomas notes BresicWhitney has great market share in Sydney’s Inner East, Inner City and Inner West areas, but there are two key markets they want to expand into.

“There are two clear markets that we need to be participating in more, and with this comes the need for us to open up a physical presence in those areas,” he says. 

“That’s the Lower North Shore and further into the eastern suburbs or what’s called the Eastern Beaches. 

“These are areas where we’re already dealing with buyers and vendors, but ones that present a real opportunity for us to offer the signature BresicWhitney approach and experience,” he says.

There are also plans to open a commercial division.

“That’s something we have dipped our toe into in the past, and it’s another area we’re ambitious to lead in,” Thomas explains. 

“Many of our clients have significant commercial property investments already under our management, and so this is a natural area of continued focus and expansion for us.

While the expansion will be largely led by BresicWhitney’s leadership team – many of which are shareholders – Thomas says a large part of the agency’s vision is to foster leadership qualities in every team member.

“If we can develop everyone to have leadership qualities while supporting their career aspirations, that’s going to help us deliver on our vision and cement us as a desirable place to grow, learn and develop,” he says.

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.