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Becoming an auctioneer with Justin Nickerson

Justin’s Bio

Justin Nickerson is the Director of Apollo Auctions. Justin is the only Australian to win the Australasian auctioneer of the year twice in the history of the award. He is also a four time winner of the REIQ Auctioneer of the Year award.

Lesson Highlights

This video is part of a series and covers

  • Dialogues to use in a slow market and benefits of going auctions versus private sales if the markets are slowing.
  • The negotiation process in an auction
  • Building your career as an auctioneer
  • Biggest mistakes agents make around the auction process and what they should avoid
  • Ways to improve your flow for auctions, how often to practice with dummy auctions, and the best ways to keep the crowd engaged for new auctioneers
  • Preparing for the day when you have multiple auctions
  • Things sales agents ought to know that they probably don’t know well enough.

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