Back to basics: Claudio Encina on the changing market, the skills agents need right now, and how to be a hero in a time of uncertainty

The real estate market is very different to what it was a year ago, and that means agents need different skills. Here, coach Claudio Encina looks at what those skills are and why now is the time to get back to basics and be the hero your clients deserve.

Between interest rate rises and media speculation on property prices, there’s a lot of noise in the real estate market at the moment, and that’s impacting buyers, sellers and agents in equal measure.

But according to coach Claudio Encina, now is not the time for agents to be sidelined by news headlines.

Instead, it’s the opportunity to get back to basics – to focus on the five pillars of your business, create results for your clients, and provide clarity and safety for vendors and buyers navigating uncertain times.

Now is the time to be the hero, he says.

In this Elevate episode with podcast producer Cassandra Charlesworth, Claudio looks at what agents should be doing right now – in their business, their daily activities and with their mindset.

He sets out actionable strategies that every agent can take to tune out the white noise, offer incontestable value to their clients, and have the tough conversations that reap results.

Claudio looks at the skills every agent should be honing right now, how they should be shaping their day, the ways they can best manage their time, and most importantly how they can direct their energy to the essential activities that create results, no matter what market you’re operating in.

In a podcast that’s suited to top performers, established agents and newcomers alike, Claudio taps into his proven tips to boost your performance, hone your craft and provide first-class service that will see vendors choose you in a time of uncertainty.

There’s tips on mindset, time management, handling objections and more in an episode jam packed with experience, insight and actionable strategies from one of the industry’s finest coaches.

“In any market that I’ve been in over my 27 years, there’s always someone who wants to list, there’s always somebody who wants to sell. And right now, in this marketplace, sellers are looking for heroes,” Claudio Encina.

Claudio and Cassandra also discuss:

  • How the market has changed, the way it’s operating at different speeds across the country, and why the best agents move the market, regardless of what’s going on around them.
  • Why buyers and sellers are looking for trusted agents to help them navigate through an uncertain landscape.
  • The conversations agents should be having in the vendor’s living room and why it’s all about openness, education, and providing safety and certainty.
  • How to convert an uncertain seller by walking them through the risk and reward of their decision.
  • The best ways to manage your mindset by focusing on results rather than reasons, and becoming crystal clear about exactly what you do.
  • How to be a hero in the current market through authenticity, understanding and serving to the highest level.
  • Why now’s the time to get back to basics and the five core business areas to focus on.
  • Tips for new agents who may never have seen a market shift before, including where to focus, how to differentiate and the ways to hone your expertise.
  • The skills even established agents should be embracing to lift their game and get a sale across the line.
  • Why buyer management is now critical and how to focus on building rapport, connection and trust.
  • How to better manage your time to ensure you remain in peak condition and focused no matter what’s going on around you.

And much, much more…

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