Champions of service: Claudio Encina

Claudio Encina explains how you can use technology to create certainty in times of change and use this to connect with your clients on a deeper, more meaningful level.

We are in a unique and unprecedented time, going through a significant emotional shift.

This has created fear and uncertainty for many people.

Significant events to do similar in the past include September 11 and the Global Financial Crisis. 

In unprecedented times people look for guidance and want someone to show them a path that will lead to greater certainty and clarity.

This is where you, the agent, can seize the moment and connect with your customers on a much deeper level.

How can you do this?

Become a service champion.

Often customers receive varying levels of service with very little consistency.

Many agents say they are too busy to focus on buyers and generally zero in on the client who wants to sell now.

I’m also seeing agents who focus more on punching out a certain amount of calls each day (generally 30 to 50 connections). 

The potential clients start to feel like they are just a number.

The agents who become the hero in their marketplace, and have the highest level of influence, have a ‘sense of acuity’- they are connected to their client’s wants, desires, needs, fears, the situation and motivation.  

The wonderful thing today is there are so many different technological platforms that help you to be more relevant to your client and allow you to have a richer, deeper and more meaningful conversation.

For example, if another agent sold a property on the weekend, some platforms identify the best people in your database to contact about the sale. 

Once you have made the commitment to enhance your service levels what do you do next?

First, review and measure your current customer service levels.

Then look at embracing technology to enhance your relationships and your level of service with the client.

I suggest you look around and find something that works for you.

Use a tool that does what you need it to do and no more.

Complex, additional features will distract you and take up time that could be better spent on action.

Also, focus on features you can capitalise on to amplify customer service.

Making proper use of these technologies creates a good customer experience and breeds customer loyalty.

To achieve this customer experience and improve the operation of your business, you must:

  1. Understand your customer journey from a seller’s and a buyer’s perspective.
  2. Implement necessary technology. 
  3. Measure success.

Use technology as the framework to create the above.

The base to your technology is your CRM or customer relationship management software. 

While using many different technologies to improve customer service is tempting, it is important to ensure that the technology you use aligns with your customer service strategy.

Don’t be pressured into using technology for the sake of it.

Instead, select technology to further enhance and promote your business.

One example of this could be using technology to increase the conversion rate in your business.

However, let us not forget the real estate agent’s primary role, which is to build and maintain face-to-face relationships, whether that be with buyers, sellers or tenants.

Any technology that awards them more time to do this will ultimately make their real estate business more streamlined, efficient and successful. 

There are many notable technological trends that agents have implemented since the pandemic.

This includes face-to-face video communication. Eye contact, body language and seeing people’s nuance is powerful.

Video communication such as Zoom and FaceTime have exploded in the past year.

Agents can conduct listing presentations or do a walk-through with the buyer.

This can be a viable business tool for potential sellers and buyers in the future. 

Working remotely will become the new normal as the future of customer service pushes clients to more online interaction with the use of Zoom or FaceTime.

There has also been a population shift, which has seen people move away from the big cities to more remote places.

Technology has aided this, with buyers able to tour a property remotely and digitally sign and exchange contracts.

The goal here is to provide your customer with a visual experience that sets you apart.

There is a big difference between an ordinary virtual event and an extraordinary virtual event.

The same can be said for virtual listing presentations.

In the next five to 15 years technology will continue to advance significantly in the real estate space, but we must not downplay the importance of human-delivered service. 

Technology is here to shape the future, amplify customer service, and create the opportunity to communicate in new ways in a world of unprecedented connectivity.

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