Mark Edwards

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  • NEWS

    New leadership and direction for Barry Plant Sunbury

    An experienced leadership team, consisting of Simon Best and Maria Page, is looking forward to reinvigorating and refreshing the Barry Plant Sunbury office with a focus on enhanced customer service and communication. Simon Best, a 22-year veteran of the industry, is excited about the opportunity to engage with local vendors and buyers as Managing Director of the office to ensure results to exceed client expectations. …

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  • Elite Agent

    Australians of real estate

    With the release of new ABS 2016 Census data showing occupational details1, we now have a view of how the data depicts an average worker in the real estate industry. The debate is finally over. If you imagined the average person in real estate to be a man in his 20s working 40 hours a week and taking home $1 million-plus a year, …

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    What Really Helps You to Earn More?

    Most of us have heard the lessons: get up early, invest in yourself and don’t watch too much TV (among others). While there are many professional elements that go into achieving the number on your group certificate – such as customer service, technology and branding – we wanted to find out about personal factors, the ones we can control like sleep, exercise, marketing and home life and how they may or may not impact GCI or gross earnings. …

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