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ARPM 2016: It’s a wrap

Here are a couple of tips of the week from ARPM 2016.

ARPM 2016 once again, lived up to all of its promises and was full of great speakers including Lisa McInnes Smith, Fiona Blayney, David Thomas, Peter Knight and Matina Jewell just to name a few. We have got plenty of interviews and takeaways from the conference coming up but I just wanted to give you three quick ones to get you through while our video editors are hard at work.

Firstly – Peter Knight from the UK – some really great stuff in both of his presentations. I particularly liked the property management first approach from UK firm Romans which is a creative approach to sales and PM working together. It goes something like this: when the sales person gets a listing the PM team have it exclusively for 24 hours to see if they have an investor willing to purchase. The PMs are coached to regularly ask their investors as to whether they have an appetite for further investment and their names are already on potential hot buyer lists. In a lot of cases investors are ‘good buyers’  – ie they likely have their finance sorted out for a smooth transaction and the office usually gets to keep the  management as a bonus. I thought that was a pretty good idea and a definite win-win.

Secondly – another agency highlighted by Peter is an agency called Portico whose property managers act as Concierge’s even for owner occupiers. Imagine. You sell a house to someone who does move in, but then hand it over to PM to manage repairs, maintenance and that sort of thing. Great way to keep in touch with your clients and definitely an interesting out of the box way to think about owner occupiers.

Last one is about marketing from James Parnwell, marketing being a topic always close to my heart. He reminded us an important fact about digital marketing  – which is before you spend a dollar on adwords or your website or facebook or anything like that really clearly define your whole marketing strategy before going online. He noted that it’s really hard to get the online right – if you got a holistic strategy set in the first place.

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Samantha McLean

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