Super fast customer service in just a few zaps: Anton Babkov & Tom McCarthy

“There's an enormous amount of potential there to reduce the volume of repetitive, manual tasks so that agents can focus specifically on spending more time building relationships out in the community.” Anton Babkov.

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As an industry, real estate hears a lot about software and automation. But the challenge lies in deploying technology in the right places, then automating to add real value for clients when it comes to the human touch.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Anton Babkov and Tom McCarthy of Rexlabs explain that’s where tools like Zapier come in.

Offering unlimited potential to join the software dots, it allows agencies to automate mundane, repetitive tasks, so they can focus what they do best – which is (and always will be) building real relationships with real people.

As Anton and Tom explain, Zapier is a game changer when it comes to selectively automating specific tasks to improve productivity, efficiency and the real estate experience.

Meanwhile, the potential it offers for open homes, property management, business development and marketing has only just begun to be explored…

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In this episode, Samantha, Anton and Tom also discuss:

  • Why Anton’s excited about Zapier and the opportunity it offers real estate
  • Where agencies get automation wrong 
  • Why automation is never about replacing the human experience
  • How Zapier quickly and easily revolutionises the automation process
  • Great use cases for Zapier, including hands-free open homes that allow agents to connect with buyers
  • Why Zapier plays a role in business development for property management
  • How clever agents are already deploying the tool
  • What’s coming up for Rex, including a sneak peek into their new property management software, which Anton says is simply extraordinary.

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