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Trigger happy: Rex announces integration with automated tech tool Zapier

Rex Software has integrated a new automation tool into its CRM that has helped US agents reduce their lead follow-up time by 90 per cent. 

Zapier is an automation tech tool that connects two or more apps or services and is designed to minimise the time agents have to spend on monotonous tasks.

With the ability to integrate with more than 3000 different apps, including Google Docs, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365, Zapier creates ‘Zaps’, which are automated workflows made up of trigger events and consequential actions.

Each Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs.

For example, if you want to send a text message each time you receive an email, the trigger is ‘a new email is received in your inbox’. 

Rex product manager Tom McCarthy said agents currently needed to jump in and out of multiple tech tools on a daily basis, “entering data twice, then double-checking and triple-checking it’s correct” and the integration of Zapier would remove the need for human intervention in basic admin workflows.

“For example, our Rex users could use Zapier so that, when a listing is published on their website, three things happen: the vendor receives an SMS, the listing is automatically posted to the agent’s Facebook page and their team is alerted via Slack.”

As the new Rex Zapier integration goes live, there are 15 different Rex triggers already set up, including: contact created, lead created, appraisal created, listing created, note created, contract created, listing published, open home attendee added, contract status changed. listing sold/leased, tag added to a contact, tag added to a property, tag added to a listing, contact added to a mailing list, and contact removed from a mailing list.

The team at Rex believe Zapier’s automation workflows can give agencies a point of difference from their competitors.

“In America, real estate brokers have been using Zapier to reduce lead follow-up time by 90 per cent and cold calling by 75 per cent,” Mr McCarthy said. 

“Our users can now tap into that same technology, and spend the time they save prospecting, negotiating and building better relationships.”

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