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A financial review of the Australian Financial Review’s 24th fastest growing company

Being named in the AFR Fast Starters list was confirmation that the real estate market was ready for a new way of doing things. And things aren’t slowing down for UrbanX. 

Chief Energy Officer Dan Argent said despite some large groups reporting a downward trend, the UrbanX network continued to gain momentum despite tougher market conditions, with sales volumes for the 2023 financial year, so far, of more than $2.5 billion.  

He said in its third year of operation, the technology platform had solidified its position as a genuine alternative for high-performing agents looking to step up into running their own business.

“As has been the case every year, we continue to see more of Australia’s leading agents break away from the traditional franchise model to build their own brand and future,” Mr Argent said.

“We are no longer a ‘startup’ and our track record of supporting agents on achieving life-changing financial and lifestyle outcomes is proven. 

“We’re proud that we’ve launched over 100 brands, and currently support over 170 agents.

“We’re also welcoming the next wave of agents who choose us to launch their own business and take their careers to the next level.” 

Mr Argent said UrbanX’s April results had jumped 30 per cent compared to last year, with more than 2700 properties sold in the past 12 months.

“In May, we set a network record with over $300 million in sales,” he said.

“The numbers above show the strong results that can be achieved, with performance attributed to the high calibre agents we choose to partner with, combined with the best-in-class support offered by the UrbanX platform.” 

Mr Argent said agents who had partnered with UrbanX had a common theme when it came to their decision to join the network – “I wish I’d done it sooner”. 

One example is Reece Thompson, who launched Thompson+Clarke, alongside Ryan Clarke, nine months ago.

Mr Argent said they launched with 40 listings, and now having sold 145 properties, they show what can be achieved when you back yourself and explore an alternative path to working for a franchise. 

See what our partners have to say here and speak with us about starting your business-ownership journey with UrbanX.

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