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8 social media post inspiration ideas for real estate agents

It’s safe to say most real estate agents have a love-hate relationship with social media. You love that it’s a way to promote your properties and your brand but you hate coming up with ideas that are going to win new clients and retain previous ones.

It might be tempting to just run with traditional ‘just listed’ and ‘just sold’ pictures on Instagram or a complete listing on platforms such as Facebook, but that’s what everyone else is doing. You want, and need, to stand out in a very busy crowd.

So, we thought we’d pull together a collection of simple, but effective social media posts any agent can do, even if you’re not too tech savvy.

1. Q and A

As a real estate agent you’re an untapped knowledge source. You know the market, you understand finances and many of you are even pretty adept at renovations and styling.

One of the easiest and fastest ideas for content creation is to write a post or shoot a short, sharp video answering the questions buyers and sellers ask you every day. 

Watch out for any trends that appear – if 10 clients ask you today whether now is a good time to sell, you’ll know you’re onto a hot topic.

Other Q and A ideas might be:

  • How can I add value to my home?
  • Where is a good place to invest for capital growth?
  • Should I buy first or sell first?

2. Check this out

Credit where credit is due – this is a fave recommendation from US agent Jimmy Burgess, who notes one of the best things about being a real estate agent is that you get to visit amazing homes.

Whether it’s an incredible kitchen, breathtaking views, a stunning pool or a jaw-dropping outdoor area, he suggests that showing highlights of some of the properties you visit is a great source of real estate content.

We’d argue in Australia, that idea will work particularly well. After all, perusing properties is pretty much a national pastime, and we can’t seem to get enough of peeking behind the front door of awe-inspiring homes. 

3. Before and after pics

In a similar vein, before and after pics make for excellent content, and again we owe a nod to Jimmy for this suggestion.

The reason people love before and after pics is that they are aspirational and inspirational, which means there’s a good chance they will comment on and also share the content.

When you can, consider posting before and after images alongside each other to highlight an amazing transformation.

4. Community-based content

The following tip comes courtesy of Chelsea Peitz who mentioned this on the Elevate podcast, but when was the last time you shared interesting information about what’s happening in your community?

Whether it’s a great bakery, the region’s best schools, a new development that’s taking shape, or the top playgrounds for children in a suburb, posts which focus on your community help establish your credentials as a local area expert with unrivalled suburb knowledge.

It also gives your audience a reason to come back which doesn’t necessarily involve real estate.  

5. Behind the scenes

It can be easy for people to think agents lead a life of leisure. Of course we know that’s not the case, but do your clients?

Why not take them behind the scenes of your daily routine with images of what you actually do, whether that’s making a bed at a property, switching out the bathroom towels, or taking out the garbage prior to an open home?

This behind the scenes insight humanises the agent and their business in a way that also transcends the perception of a sales person.

In addition, it illustrates you are willing to go that extra mile to achieve a good outcome.

As a quick word to the wise, just be mindful of your tone when posting this type of content. It’s all about striking the right balance between showing the less glamorous side of real estate while also indicating it’s a privilege to assist where you can.

6. Your own personal Luxe Listings

It’s not just the real estate industry tuning into Luxe Listings, the general public does too.

And why wouldn’t they? It’s a great excuse to see how the other half lives.

Linking to these type of listings on your own website is a great way to encourage people’s enthusiasm for property, and often, they’ll take a spin of your other listings as a result. 

It’s also important to note, you never know where your next luxury buyer or vendor will come from.

To amplify these listings, design a graphic to go with the information, keep the text minimal, and provide your personal perspective of the home.

7. Get personal

Agents aren’t just brands, they are real people, with families, hobbies, and interests.

Don’t be afraid to occasionally add a personal touch that allows potential clients to get to know you.

Insta expert Ellen Farley talked about this on the Elevate podcast, noting you shouldn’t be afraid to reveal your human element, whether that’s walking your dog, baking with the kids, or (as Drew Davies once did) photographing a different pair of socks he was wearing each day.

Ellen explains posting personal content provides potential clients with something to talk with you about.

“They learn more about you and you’re going to be top of mind,” Ellen says.

“Not only that, if you do go out to appraise their house, you’re going to know that, ‘Hey, they’re also interested in fishing, and you have that connection with them’… it’s incredibly powerful.”

Ryan Serhant recently mentioned it too, noting it’s a great way to point out the point of difference that is the ‘and’ behind your brand.

8. It’s about the story

We all love an interesting story, but we care a whole lot less about bragging.

Instead of telling people how amazing you are at your job, share the story behind the sale.

And it works like this…

  • Who – Who is the client and what were they looking to achieve?
  • What – What obstacles stood in their way?
  • Why – Why did they come to you?
  • How – How did you help them and turn their situation around?

Content that offers a story helps the client relate to the situation and understand the value you offer.

And it’s way more personal and intriguing than ‘Just listed. Just sold. Call me’.

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