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The science of social selling: Drew Davies

“I think far too often, far too many agents leave it to hope. They think, Oh, well, you know, the buyer will either come up or the seller will get realistic but really that's our job. We can't sit there and hope for anything, it's up to us to get that deal done.” Drew Davies

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Drew Davies is a Brisbane prestige property specialist who has built a large following on Instagram of over 32,000 followers. 

After seven years in real estate, he now heads up his own business as a director of Place Estate Agents in Ascot, Brisbane.

In this episode of the Elevate Podcast, Drew shares his real estate journey including how he went from broke to million-dollar agent, while building a massive Instagram following along the way.

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In this podcast, Samantha and Drew also discuss:

  • The role of the Wolf of Wall Street in Drew’s real estate career
  • Establishing a brand on Insta and why it started with socks
  • Why persistence pays off and hard work matters
  • Tips for attracting celebrity clients, and why it’s important agents understand what suits them
  • How Drew ensured the Hamilton skate bowl house went viral
  • Why agents should embrace strategy, rather than hope

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