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100 days in Hartley Partners is ‘crushing it’ in Townsville

Stewart Hartley was no stranger to running his own business when he took the leap and launched his own real estate brand in partnership with the Agents’Agency earlier this year.

But, just 100 days since the inception of the Townsville-based business, the team at Hartley Partners are quite simply ‘crushing it’.

Not only has the brand been well-received by clients, but it is also clocking up very real results, and Stewart has exciting plans on the horizon

Already they have settled eight properties, 10 homes are currently under contract, there’s a pipeline of listings on their books, and the appraisal requests are coming in thick and fast.

“We’re doing well and I’m really enjoying it, but we’re just getting started,” Stewart reflects.

“We’ve got a great team, and I’m loving being my own boss again in the knowledge the buck stops with me.”

Stewart ‘fell into real estate’ a few years ago after a highly successful global career in sales.

Becoming an agent also tapped into his deep knowledge of the property market, including 20 years investing in the city he now services.

That experience also furnished him with a personal appreciation of what great real estate service should look like, and he now applies this to every interaction he has with people who are looking to buy or sell their home.

All members of the Hartley Partners team share this philosophy, with sales associate Hayden Cowan also clocking up impressive results over the past couple of months, while office administrator Graham Segall has proved a powerhouse support person behind the scenes.

New recruit Jayden Mitchell has also acquired two new listings in his first week while out prospecting, with those listings to come to market in the first week of May.

That tight-knit team has been a huge part of Hartley Partners early success, but Stewart notes a key reason the brand has been able to hit the ground running is the support of the Agents’Agency.

“The Agents’Agency takes away all those things I don’t enjoy doing or am not necessarily good at,” he says.

“Instead, I get to focus on listing and selling, and as a business owner I still get to be the conductor of my own orchestra.”

The administration, training, marketing, and support that the Agents’Agency provides allows Stewart to direct his attention to providing great service and sales expertise to his clients, while also looking to the future of his business.

And as part of building his brand, he’s set clear goals which his team are on track to exceed.

“When we hit 60 sales, we’re off to lunch at Salsa in Port Douglas, my favourite lunchtime spot in the whole country, and that’s a meal we’re likely to enjoy this year,” he says.

In the interim, Stewart says a standout feature he genuinely enjoys about the Agents’Agency partnership is being part of a greater national team.

The network now includes almost 100 individually-branded agencies across the country, and a team of more than 400 support people and stand-alone agents.

“It’s a great mix where I’m my own boss, but I’m never alone,” he says.

“I’m part of a greater network that’s always doing their best to support me.”

As for his advice to others considering taking the leap and partnering with one of the country’s fastest growing networks, Stewart says it’s a no-brainer.

“Do you want to focus on what you’re good at and let others take care of the stuff you’re not?” he asks.

“Do I think I made the right decision joining the Agents’Agency? 100 per cent.”

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