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Zac McHardy – Transform video diary week 9

Transform Week 9 – This week we had another of this year’s AREC speakers Susanne King in to talk to the supersix about how we need to expand ourselves to get greater results, why we need to change how we view ourselves to go beyond “the comfort zone” and how we should react to our circumstances when something goes wrong. We also invited in the experts from Vision Personal Training – Chris Foy and Emily Schofield to talk about their top tips for becoming more productive, managing stress and gaining control of your health.

We asked Zac

  1. What is one health tip that you took away from Chris and Emily and how has it worked for you?
  2. Managing your emotions when the “shizzle hits the fan” Have you had any low points where you’ve taken Susanne’s advice and celebrated them – or generally done things differently. How did you go with your list of 100 beliefs about yourself?
  3. Talk us through what you did to prepare for your Listing Presentation with Mr and Mrs Vendor – Maria Findikakis and Manos Findikakis from Eview Group
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Zac McHardy

Zac McHardy is a sales and property expert at Harcourts Pinnacle. For more information visit http://zacmchardy.com.au/