Why Vicki Bidner is taking on real estate her way

Vicki Bidner is ready to do real estate her way, but she won’t be doing it by herself.

After more than three decades of local real estate experience in the Forster-Tuncurry region, Vicki was ready to build an agency of her own and, after talking with industry peers, she chose UrbanX as a partner for the journey.  

Vicki’s core clientele is the elderly and she loves nothing more than making this vulnerable group feel at ease during the buying and selling process, priding herself of exceptional service and being a helping hand to support them at every stage.

Before launching Vicki Bidner Realty, Vicki had some initial fears.

“I had the usual fears of, ‘Gosh I hope this works out’,” she admits.

But by taking the “bull by the horns”, her business gained momentum organically, and a lot sooner than she had planned.

“That was a great boost to my confidence,” Vicki says.

“I am now full steam ahead.”  

Vicki’s approach is simple – providing a completely confidential and private service experience to her clients in the comfort of their own homes.

Under her new agency, Vicki will provide the option to complete all paperwork, contracts, and consultations in complete privacy.

Vicki’s approach eliminates the need for stressful visits to an office and empowers her clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions where they feel most comfortable.  

“With a large percentage of our marketplace being elderly, I found that selling is something that was very stressful and challenging to this vulnerable sector of our local clientele,” she says.

“From which agent to pick, to actually having to go into the office and then feeling intimidated or pressured.

“People can be vulnerable when they are about to uproot their lives and have decided to sell, move or buy and I love the fact that they can share their current emotional situation with me.

“This makes it a very personal and trusted interaction that equips me with empathy and knowledge as to how they would want to be treated.” 

For the launch of her new agency, Vicki saw the importance of partnering with the right platform to make her vision a reality, provide best-in-class marketing, and to give her time to focus on genuine client care.

UrbanX was the perfect fit

Vicki says one of the biggest challenges in real estate is, “The emotional roller-coaster that you are continually on. The highs are high, and the lows are low!” 

But by leveraging UrbanX’s support, the process of setting up her business has been smooth, and Vicki has been able to build her brand from the ground up without the usual stress and back-end work.  

Now that Vicki has the support of UrbanX behind her, she’s excited to see how her work will bring her both financial and creative fulfilment, and she can’t wait to share the positive impact with her clients.  

Ready to forge your own path? Contact UrbanX today, and you could start your journey tomorrow. 

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