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Why now is the time to start your own business: Michael Choi

It’s a beautiful summer day, and you can see other people jumping in, and they’re absolutely loving the experience.

You want to join them, but you’re scared. It’s a long way down!

Deep down, you know you’ll be ok – you know how to swim, after all. 

So, you take the plunge, and dive in.

From the moment your head emerges from the surface, you’re smiling. You did it. And why wouldn’t you? You know how to swim after all!

The same concept applies to ‘taking the plunge’, and launching your own real estate business.

Just as you know how to swim, you know how to list and sell real estate. 

It’s the anticipation before you jump in that’s painful. But once you’re in, you’re not going to regret it.

It’s a commonly accepted fact that in life, you’ll regret more of the things you didn’t do, than the things you did do.

So, what’s holding us back?

Fear, plain and simple.

I have found that fear of failure – and the lack of belief in yourself – is the biggest hurdle, stopping people from starting their own businesses.

But you can’t wait until the fear is gone before taking action. Otherwise, you’ll never start. You need to take the plunge!

There are $200,000 GCI – $1,200,000 GCI agents that join our system that didn’t believe in themselves when they signed up.

But they took the plunge, and now they are thriving.

Action is the only way to overcome a fear, you just need to brace yourself, believe in yourself, and jump. Don’t have a plan B – just be sure you know how to swim.

We’re humans, we’re resourceful, we make it work.

In my experience, the only regret an agent has when they start their own business, is not having started it earlier.

And that’s the feedback I’ve received from all business owners – not just in real estate.

So, when is the right time to make the move?

The short answer: now.

But while I’ve made it sound easy, navigating fear is anything but.

That’s why at Area Specialists, although you’re essentially running your own business, we’ve taken some of the usual self-employment stresses away, by providing access to backend systems and tools, as well as administration and marketing support.

One of the biggest fears experienced by agents considering going out on their own, is the fear of losing a guaranteed wage.

But the dangling carrot of wages is actually preventing people from reaching their full potential.

It’s a comfortable safety net for sure, and one that many agents are scared to let go of, but once they do, the world is their oyster.

And, with the global pandemic changing the way people work and transact, there’s never been a better time to join a system that breaks with tradition.

Once upon a time, house hunters would head to their local shops, and pop into a local agent and ask for a selection of homes to view. 

This is no longer the case. Consumers want their transactions to be easy. 

We order McDonald’s delivery, even when the restaurant is just around the corner. Often, we’ll pay more for delivery than the meal itself, and be happy with that.

Consumers want us to go to them. They want things to be easy.  And it can be.

At Area Specialists, literally no one has failed under our system, in fact it’s almost impossible so we don’t measure it, instead we measure how much the agents have increased since joining AS.

We offer a wide network, training, and the genuine prospect of immediately doubling your income with plans and road maps to quadruppling if that’s what you wish.

So, stop teetering on the edge. The weather is warm, and the water is delicious.

You just need to jump in! 

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Michael Choi

Michael Choi is the Founder of Area Specialist, a real estate platform that helps top performing agents open up their own business without the cost, time or risk.

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