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Valentina Borbone: Marketing to millennials

Valentina Borbone is the owner of Banter Group, an Industry Expert Advisor for the International Social Media Association (ISMA) and has taught Digital Marketing for blue chip organisations and small businesses since 2008.

Valentina Borbone will be speaking at Prop20 in March and April. To register for this event visit

Valentina, you have clients with all types of marketing needs; what do you enjoy most?
My passion is helping people who need help in the digital marketing space but don’t necessarily understand all the jargon that seems to go with it. I like to help unravel the complexities of digital and what it can actually do for businesses, particularly smaller businesses.

What topic(s) will you be speaking on at Prop20?
My topic is all around marketing to millennials, and whilst I’ll be looking at channels that millennials are using I am more looking at behaviours. For example, with digital marketing, you can’t make a good decision around which channel to be on unless you understand how people are actually using that channel.

I’ll also be talking about the change in attitudes over the generations. Older generations tended to strive for things the same way their parents did. But the younger generations are now in a position where they can carve out what they want without the generational pressure that ‘you can’t have something different’.

Today, people have a genuine care about their future, the environment, climate change and their impact on society. The younger generations are more prepared to be nomadic, they don’t need the same anchoring the previous generations needed.

Do you have any predictions on social media marketing or digital marketing in 2020 and beyond?
I’m predicting some consolidation and the arrival of experts in various niches within the real estate industry. Rather than being spread in every possible direction, I feel like agencies will start to pull together to say, ‘let’s just be sensible about this, let’s not do everything poorly, let’s do some things really well’. And we will see agencies start to upskill and excel in specialist areas.

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