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How agents can make the digital shortlist with Valentina Borbone

Long before any consumer picks up the phone, they’re actively researching online, shortlisting the right person for the job.

Valentina Borbone is an expert at ensuring businesses make that shortlist, and she’ll be applying this knowledge at Digital Live 2018 as she helps agents tap into best-practice recommendations in the online space.

Looking at a host of areas ranging from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and agents’ Google rankings, Ms Borbone will be assessing their current profiles and offering insights to improve their presence and reach.

She notes that each arena serves a different purpose in carving out a digital niche and there are a variety of simple steps agents can take to maximise each one.

These include simple checks to ensure items like links to websites and social pages are current, and information about agents and teams is up to date, while playing each channel to its strength and incorporating a personal insight.

Valentina Borbone
CEO of Banter Group

With Facebook, that means creating engaging written content, while with Instagram it’s all about beautiful imagery.

She continues that a common mistake made by agents is mixing business with pleasure on Facebook.

“A lot of Facebook pages are personal profiles when they should be business profiles,” she states. “Facebook is functional and about reading, while Instagram is inspirational and about seeing.

“Content shared on Instagram should be useful and beautiful. I’ll be looking at the key nine images to make sure they’re visually appealing, consistent and a good mix of professional and personalised.”

Meanwhile, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to illustrate why an agent is an expert in their field.

“LinkedIn is all about their professional life, showing why they’re the best agent, but a lot of agents miss the opportunity to have recommendations and endorsements. There’s often no description of their achievements. Many also write their profile in the third person. A LinkedIn profile should be written by them for their audience.”

And when it comes to that audience, Ms Borbone explains agents need to be very clear about who they’re targeting, with knowledge about where their audience is looking and who their competition is in that field.

“All of Google Page 1 and Page 2 is your competitor.”

Knocking competitors off their pedestal then comes down to great content. “Agents need to be looking at ongoing content, creating useful, relevant, vital content that results in validity.

“Consider what questions people are asking and provide content that answers that question by solving problems, keeping your finger on the pulse and understanding their needs.”

Ms Borbone brings over 20 years’ agency-side marketing experience to the Digital Live 2018 table, and this marks her second year as a mentor and speaker at the event.

“I’m doing this because I believe what we are trying to achieve, and that’s knowledge,” she says.

Digital Live 2018 is a comprehensive six-month program where agents will be given the skills, mentoring, feedback and tools to stand out in the crowded digital arena. It includes live events in Sydney and Brisbane.

You can learn more about Digital Live 2018 here.

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