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Using Data Effectively to Achieve Meaningful Team Meetings: David Bliss

In this exclusive interview from our event 'How to Lead a Winning Team in 2018', Azal Khan talks to David Bliss from AgentBox about using CRMs to improve team meetings and earn more listings.


Azal Khan: Hi, I’m Azal from Elite Agent Magazine. We’re here at our event: How to Lead a Winning Team in 2018. I’ve got David Bliss with us. He’s from Agentbox, and he spoke to us today on how to work your CRM like a boss. What tips can you give people to use their CRM more effectively and to earn more listings?

David Bliss: Your CRM really should be accessible to you in the palm of your hand, as well as in the office. We’re finding that a lot of our agents are not tied to their desk anymore. They’re out, they’re on the road, they’re doing appointments. With new apps, and especially our new Agentbox app that we’ve just released, it’s really putting the pound upon the hands. It’s saving them a lot of time by not having to write things down on paper, come back to the office. They can do it, they’re out on the go, they could be doorknocking and add all of that data in right at that point in time.

Azal Khan: Data is such a powerful tool. How can people use data more effectively?

David Bliss: We’re finding that with data, and using that effectively, what leaders can do is actually have more meaningful meetings, but also allow them to track the performance of their staff a lot better. With the use of mobile apps and getting done quickly and cleanly. It’s actually giving the leaders, the sales managers, the principals more data to be able to track the performance, make sure they’re hitting their KPIs, and even do future forecasting. Now that we’re coming into 2018, looking at how they performed in the past and make sure they can set realistic achievable targets in the future.

Azal Khan: What has data got to do with meaningful meetings?

David Bliss: You have lots of quick little meetings: week-in-progress meetings, sales meetings. When we’re getting all the data into your CRM, what they’ll be able to do is provide you with reports on performance, how many projects have you done, listings you’ve done, how you’re tracking against the target that you set for yourself. Instead of just having a bit of a discussion, you’ve also got some meaningful points to address, tick off, and make sure that everyone is there for a reason, and like you said, have meaningful meetings.

Azal Khan: So, I guess going back to the start, David, how can people even realise they have a slow or ineffective CRM, or a system?

David Bliss: It’s kind of the old case: you don’t know what you don’t know. Some good key identifiers is mobility and accessibility, to be able to access it from the road and being able to put information in quickly and cleanly. Another good indicator is if you’re sitting through a lot of duplicate data. This is something that’s kind of played to the industry for a little while, because it is very tough to manage and now with a lot of integration, CRMs are actually being fed a lot of information so you often don’t even know that this is being created. If you are looking in your database and you’re finding that there’s duplicate contact records, duplicate property records, and you’re finding things aren’t being updated correctly, that’s a really good sign that you should probably investigate a CRM that can handle that.

Azal Khan: Great. Thanks, David. Enjoy the rest of your day.

David Bliss: No problem. Thanks very much.

Azal Khan: Thanks.


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