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Two quick conversations to unlock more sales

Every transaction you enter into will be the result of a recent conversation that you’ve had in the last two weeks. 

Yes, your business is the result of your ability to have conversations on a regular basis. A great rule of thumb is this – for every 30 conversations you have, you will average one closed sale.

Watch the Video for two quick techniques that can help you improve your conversation skills!

Elite Agent Editor Samantha McLean also caught up with Jim earlier this year, check out our podcast ‘How to have conversations that lead to listings’


Here’s something to think about today, and that is every transaction you enter into will be the result of a recent conversation that you’ve had probably in the last two weeks.

When you think about that, your actual business is the result of your ability to have conversations on a regular basis with real people. Remember, every transaction is just somebody that you’ve talked to recently.

So here’s a rule of thumb. For every 30 conversations, you have your average one close. So when we want to think about our business in a different way, we can just put it into conversational concepts. So you can say if I want to have one transaction closing every week, that means I need to be having 30 conversations every week.

Now, that’s not that hard, really, when you think about it. So here’s another statistic which will blow your mind, and that’s that the average American has 27 conversations every single day. So we as salespeople are probably going to be having more than that.

It’s how we turn those conversations into opportunities that will unlock our true potential. So I’m going to give you two quick techniques this morning to help you do that more effectively. The first is when you’re having these conversations that you’re naturally having anyway, you will always want to ask this question.

You might say, ‘hey, I’m in real estate. I always got to ask, what’s your housing situation look like right now?’ And let them answer. They might say, ‘well, we’re you know, we own a house over here. We were renting over here’. You say, ‘oh, how’s that working out for you? You like that? Or would you ever think about making a change?’

And now you’re in the conversation. You’re in the opportunity. Almost everybody aspirational is thinking about making a change at some point. Right.

Which leads to me to my second technique, which is even more powerful, which is to always ask this question. If you have an opportunity, you can simply say, ‘hey, I’m in real estate. I always ought to have asked people when I’m in conversation is if you could live anywhere in any kind of home, what would that look like for you?’

‘If you could live anywhere in any kind of home? What would that look like for you? What’s your dream home look like?’ And you let them answer the question when they answer that question.

You can also follow that and say, ‘you know, I did something for my friends. You know, love to do this for you guys if you’re interested. I set up a dream home search that goes out every month. It just shows you all the homes in the market that match what you just told me.

Just kind of fun to look at. And, of course, at any point, if you would like to work with me as a realtor or, you know, anybody that’s looking for some help on the states, I’d love to help them’.

And you put them into your what? Your sphere of influence, your goal with every conversation, by the way, guys, isn’t to close people today because that’s probably not going to happen, but it is to create the opportunity to put them into your database.

And more importantly than that is to start to have this opportunity to unlock possible transactions in the next couple of weeks, because there’s going to be somebody out of all these people you’re talking to that is ready to do some business today.

So there you go. Couple of ideas where you have a great day.

Have a good morning. Good selling. We’ll see you next time over www.erealestatecoach2.com

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.