Two experienced agents turn to UrbanX for the future

One of the newest agencies to hit Coffs Harbour, Dobbs & Co is set to build a strong reputation on the northern beaches.

Founder Nathan Dobbs is known for his relaxed, approachable style and his noteworthy accomplishments in the sector.

His genuine passion for both coastal properties and people has now inspired him to create his own legacy. 

When asked why he decided to start his own business rather than staying in the traditional agency model, said he had watched friends create successful businesses and create a legacy for their families and it was something he wanted to do for his own family.

“The agency I worked for over the past 10 years was run by a husband-and-wife team that I have a lot of admiration for and certainly a business that has driven my aspiration to create my own for the future,” he said.

So, what made Mr Dobbs take the next step in his career and partner with UrbanX?

“It’s a platform where I have followed a couple of other agents’ journeys and watched their success and had nothing back but great feedback from them,” he said.

“I feel the platform they offer is a great model and way of the future for real estate.”

As for his start in real estate, after years of working in trade and running a surf retail store, Mr Dobbs decided to “follow his passion.”

“Houses and design have always been something of interest to me, combined with a passion for sales and service along with being able to help people,” he said.

“Being able to assist people at all different stages in their life is rewarding, from first-home buyers trying to enter the market all the way through to someone needing to downsize for their retirement.” 

Much like other agents, the most challenging aspect of being a real estate agent is changing the perceptions that the community holds.

“Like every industry, a few people can cause a lot to be tarred with the same brush,” Mr Dobbs said.

“I’ve often mentioned to friends that they should look at getting into the industry, then breaking down what’s involved and the day-to-day activities and they get shocked.” 

And how has his experience with UrbanX been?

“Incredible. UrbanX offer an amazing amount of support and the team are constantly checking in to see where things are up to, how can they assist further, bringing forward new ideas and concepts and delivering five-star service,” Mr Dobbs said.

“It’s exciting knowing they will also provide this service to buyers and sellers on behalf of my brand in the future.” 

Meanwhile, in Tamworth, in north east NSW, Stuart Southwell has formed Southwell Property and partnered with UrbanX.

Mr Southwell has a strong track record of achieving outstanding results in rural, residential, and commercial property transactions.

After 11 years of experience in real estate, Mr Southwell realised he was never going to be satisfied operating under the traditional model. 

“When you know your craft you want to grow in your career as an agent, for me the next step was a business of my own,” he said.

“The buck stops with me and while that is a great responsibility it is also a motivating opportunity”. 

Stuart Southwell has opened Southwell Property in partnership with UrbanX.

When asked why he chose UrbanX to assist with pursuing his dream, Mr Southwell said the platform allowed him to focus on his buyers and sellers.

“Sure, I could hire and train my own team, but that takes time and energy and staff replacement could be a major hassle down the track,” he said.

“UrbanX solves all of that”. 

Mr Southwell has taken to working with UrbanX “like a duck to water”.

“There is clearly a large team at work behind me that turns out a lot of work very quickly,” he said.

“The systems are sharp and efficient. We are also teaching them a thing or two about selling farms.” 

Mr Dobbs is proud of the brand he has created and his advice to other agents is simple.

“If you are confident in your craft and have developed a following… just do it,” he said.

“Step out from behind the flag (whatever colour it may be) and get started on the next journey.

“Be prepared for a few late nights, but really, that never hurt anyone”. 

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