How to get 45 listings in six months and still have time with your family

Lyndall Allan isn’t afraid to make big decisions, especially when it comes to living a fulfilling life.

As we learnt on the Elevate Podcast (you can hear it here), she has reinvented herself many times throughout her 23-year career.

And keeping balance and having flexibility with her family is a top priority, which strange as it seems, was the very reason she backed herself to build her own brand, Salt Property. 

Despite what you may think, owning your own brand and business doesn’t have to come at the expense of work-life balance.

Many agents have made the decision to build their own business so they can enjoy the personal and financial freedom running a business can offer. 

Ms Allan explained partnering with UrbanX gave her the confidence to break away from the traditional model, and the support she receives has “been a game-changer for my family.” 

Watch the video and learn how Lyndall has grown Salt Property and: 

  • Marketed herself and her business without restrictions 
  • Improved her work-life balance 
  • Built a business that she, her husband, and kids are proud of 
  • Banded together as a family to run her brand 
  • How UrbanX empowers her to do it all. 

Making yourself stand out never stops 

Reinventing herself has been key to Ms Allan’s success in real estate.

As she puts it, she “had to do the hard yards to establish my name and build a reputation… I’m constantly reinventing myself, coming up with new ways to stand out and prove that I am worth worthy of people’s business”.  

So what has this looked like?  

After a break from real estate when she had her children, at open homes Ms Allan would hire waitstaff and put on beautiful drinks, food and invite the neighbours to attend.

“And from that I pick up appraisal after appraisal,” she said.

“And again, it was just a point of difference. I was the high tea agent, but it really did kick me back off. And it worked.” 

She continues to deliver amazing customer service and memorable experiences for vendors and buyers, and, most importantly, has the freedom to do things exactly the way she wants, made possible from having her own business.  

“By owning your own business, you get to keep all the profits, but you also get incredible flexibility,” Ms Allan said.

“So, technically you could work maybe half as much for the same amount on your terms.

“And it has given me 100 per cent a better balance in life with my children.

“It’s been an amazing decision. It was a hard one to make, but I really encourage anyone to do that.” 

Ms Allan’s advice for agents thinking of doing the same is simple. 

It’s all about the finding right partner, and like the 160 agents who choose UrbanX, Ms Allan knew she had found the right partner for her.   

“UrbanX are a company that basically look after all the back end of my business,” she said.

“So they gave me the confidence to really go out on my own.

“I think if I didn’t have them, the thought of having to have a trust account, an accountant, someone doing the marketing and reception was terrifying.

“Whereas UrbanX took all of that off my hands, and I could focus on what I do best, which is listing and selling.

“That gave me the confidence to have a have a go, which I’m so glad I did.” 

Ms Allan said she is building a legacy for her family. 

“My kids are really proud of mummy’s business, and that’s been really nice to see,” she said.

“I’m showing them to have a go and don’t be scared. And just to try give everything a go is really important.” 

For agents like you her advice is clear.

“I would say just just do it,” Ms Allan said.

“It’s a lot of work getting it off the ground, but it’s so worth it.

“And it is a hard and scary decision, I would recommend speaking to someone like UrbanX that can really take a lot of the pressure off you.” 

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