How your CRM app can save you time

Real estate agents are often pressed for time. Eagle Software Head of Sales Trevor Bragg explains how a smart CRM app can save you time and make your to-do list shorter.

The number one tool for real estate agents is their mobile.

Today, it’s generally expected that the software we use has an accompanying app that allows you to work uninterrupted out of the office.

Agents need to access, capture and update information via the CRM app for good database management.

A good CRM app will encourage the ‘doing it now’ philosophy.  

We’ve noticed at Eagle Software that great CRM practitioners enter information into their CRM as quickly as possible.

Not later, not tonight, but straight away. This is where the CRM app saves you time. 

An example of this is meeting a new prospect while door-knocking and they provide their email and mobile number.

Having the ability to enter the new prospect into the CRM app straight away minimises the risk of forgetting to do it later.

How can your CRM app save you time and make you more productive?

Inquiry capture

Most CRM’s capture your inquiries, but having them accessible in a specific section of your app will allow you to return calls, make notes of the conversation and add a further follow up task.

This makes you more efficient in between appointments and can save an enormous amount of time.  

Add appraisals

At appraisals, capturing property details straight into your app will save time when converting the appraisal to a listing.

Administrators won’t need to re-enter property details, and this alone can reduce the need for paper checklists.

Inspection check-in

The most commonly used feature in CRM apps is the inspection check-in.

Smarter CRM apps have the people who inquired on the property already linked or even pre-registered to inspect.

A single tap will get those entered as attendees with no data entry required.

Also, Eagle’s QR code check-in has sped up the process of getting people through the property without the agent having to perform data entry.

This has been a big time saver, especially in this market.

Inspection feedback

When talking to buyers, it makes sense to capture their initial thoughts immediately after their inspection.

Capturing general comments, pricing feedback and contract requests are easy with a CRM app.

The feedback can initially be stored in the app then confirmed in the CRM when back at the office.

Send documents

Sending contracts, site plans and other documents is possible via your CRM app.

When coupled with email templates, these documents can be sent as attachments within seconds, even while you are speaking with buyers.

This is a huge time-saver and demonstrates to your clients your professionalism in getting information to them as quickly as possible. 

Owner updates

After finishing your inspection and entering feedback into your app, this could trigger an automatic SMS to the owners with how many parties came through.

Some apps, like EagleCRM, would trigger a message with an updated link to the owner portal where the inspection feedback is available instantly.

Task management

Similar to your inquiries, having all your tasks accessible in the app allows you to do follow up out of the office.

Knocking over a few tasks in between appointments can help keep your to-do list manageable.

Trigger automations

Some CRM apps can perform automations when changes are made in the app.

Basic automations include sending open attendees a thank you SMS.

Beyond this, there are more automations that can save time.

For example, price changes entered via the app can trigger an automation to update the CRM, which sends the new price to the portals and sends an email and SMS to all buyers with the new price. 

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Trevor Bragg

Trevor Bragg is Head of Sales for Eagle Software, providing an innovative and fully integrated CRM, leasing and website solution for real estate.