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Connecting your ‘why’ to your results with Claudio Encina

Here are the highlights from our Super Six session with real estate coach and transform mentor Claudio Encina who talked about "starting with why" and how to map out the ideal day to make sure you are prospecting enough, and Greg Dickason from Core Logic gave the Super Six the real estate superpower of knowing their numbers.

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Core Logic Australia. CoreLogic have also provided the supersix access to RP Professional for the 12 week Transform challenge, allowing them to get ahead of the game with the numbers in their local area.


Claudio Encina and Greg Dickason

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  • Like the Super Six you can be an expert in your local area by finding out more about RP Pro here, or get a 14 day free trial here.
  • The Super Six also have access to Tom Panos Real Estate Gym, which has several templates for mapping out your ideal day.
  • Greg Dickason’s Blog

Video Notes/Transcript

00:00 Introduction and Session Overview: Samantha McLean

1:13 Turning adversity into advantage

Claudio: Haven’t you got to really understand what your ‘why’ is? It’s the first thing I normally, when I sit down with a client is, I want to know why you do what you do. We spoke a little bit about that, and John said “If you’ve got clarity around your ‘why’ it will get you through.” Because I know for a fact that willpower will get you so far, but your why power will get you through life. I speak to a lot of agents, a lot of them say they struggle with finding their ‘why’, and sometimes it’s your own story that you own; but we don’t own it, we run away from it sometimes, and each of you may have a story.

Let me tell you, the ‘why’ doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because sometimes I heard a couple of things, people struggle, they’ve had adversity; but you can turn your adversity to advantage, that’s why we look at it. For me, it’s like I never want to be under financial stress again. I’m really clear of where I want to be now. Never want to see my wife in hospital again. Never want to see the kids unhappy.

“I know for a fact that willpower will get you so far, but your why power will get you through life”

2:20 What is your why?

I want you over the next week, and you’ve got some homework to do, I want you to think about your why. I’ve had agents that have shown me their bank account, like they’ve got 20 cents. 20 cents. He said “Claudio, I don’t even know how I’m going to get petrol in my car.” This, that adversity, that same guy I’m talking to you about right now; he’s on track to write 500k GCI. Why? Because he never wants to have 20 cents in his back account again, right? Because he understands, and he owns that story. Never want to be there, because he knows what got him there, like I know what got me to that point with my wife where we got to. Never want to be there, so I really want you to recognise your ‘why’ and write it down, because willpower’s not enough. Your ‘why’ power makes you move mountains, you become incomparable, but your mindset just changes.

We’ve all heard it, Tony Robbins says 80% of the mindset is your success, so it’s what you self-talk, and what you feel, and what we’ve been talking a little bit about this morning is so crucial. Part of your homework, I want you to write down your ‘why’, and if going to be your story, you’ve got to start with the words “When I was … ” When I write mine, “When I was 38 years of age, I came home on April 10 2010.” And you just heard my story. Here’s the thing, after you’ve written it, you may want to sum it up in one word, because you know what? That one word, when I don’t feel like doing it, and I go chance. Okay? I don’t want to get up in the morning, go to the gym, I go, chance, come on, and I do it. It just moves me straight away, because I know that story, and it moves me.

I don’t want to get up in the morning, go to the gym, I go, chance, come on, and I do it. It just moves me straight away, because I know that story, and it moves me.

4:09 It does not have to be about adversity

The ‘why’ could be different for everybody. I heard another guy’s ‘why’ as a positive story. He had a plan to be a professional footballer. He told me his story, and his ‘why’, he’s part of our mentor group; but that was why from 8 years of age, so it’s not about it has to be adversity, but it has to be something of a story that you own. Okay? That may help you with understanding your ‘why’ a little bit, because I find a lot of agents struggle to find their ‘why’. Their ‘why’ is like, “I want to drive a nice car, I want to have holidays.” That’s all good, because that’s what I was saying to John, my coach. He goes “No, no, tell me your last defining moment.” He goes “Own that, and I know you don’t want to be there again.” I said “No way.”

4:30 Ideal days and Weeks

Okay, ideal day and week. Okay, here’s the thing: Ideal days and weeks have been around since I was selling real estate back in the ’90s, nothing has changed; but one think I do know about ideal days and weeks, is they’re very colorful, they look great, they’re always in people’s workstations. 9 till 10:30 prospecting, where’s Johnny? I think Johnny’s in the café somewhere. I think he’s gone to wash his car. That’s as far as they get to. I think you need to understand why don’t they work; but really, is that what I found when we talk about ideal days and weeks, is really I find it’s about having rhythm in your life every day. Ideal days and weeks just in business I think is good, but also we spoke a little bit, John saying there’s a lot of divorces and everything else, highly people successful, but disengaged with their family, disengaged with their partners because it’s all like “Work, work, work.” If you really want to have true happiness, I think it’s around the 5 equities of your life: Having good health, good business career where you’re going with, your spiritual, your finances, your wealth, and your family and personal goals.

That’s what you really want to get the rhythm around every day, so when you’re talking about an ideal day and week, what’s worked for me is really about measuring each day, and I do this every day, and I do this with all my clients. It’s about, what does it look like for you to actually look like and feel like in rhythm. This is really what I want to show with you today, and I’m going to pull this up here in a moment. This is typical of what I would look at. If you can just see here guys, sorry. I’ll just open it up a little bit bigger there. Rise and shine. I think you’re going to see Tom Panos in a few weeks time, he says routine will set you free. I’m a big believer in that. The more you have routine in your life, the more you feel like you’re in control, and the more you feel like you have the power.

6:11 Getting in rhythm
This guy here, just a client of mine, rise and shine at 5:00 a.m. He must be in the 5:00 a.m. club, right? Next thing, he loves having a coffee. I love having a coffee in the morning, so that’s me being in rhythm. I can’t start my day without having a coffee; but if that’s important to you, put it down. You know why we have ideal days and weeks and they don’t work? Again, we’re on a level of unconscious, versus a level of being conscious, and I’m going to teach you how you can work this into your day. Hydration is so important, managing your energy, managing how you feel. If you’re drinking 1 or 2 coffees a day, and you’re only drinking that amount of water in the day, that’s not good for you. Our bodies are made of 70% of water, so it’s important, for me, is having 2 litres of water a day.

7:49 Meditation works for the pro’s

I’ve got a book of ideas. This guy likes to go to the gym 5 times a week, 6:30 a.m, 1 hour, and you can see he’s got “Yes, yes, yes.” Stretch, 10 minutes. Guys, does anyone meditate here? Yeah? Beautiful, Zac, great. I’m going to encourage you to start your day, after a gym session or before, meditate. Remember John said being pro? This is about being pro. When I say meditation, I’m not saying … However you want to work it. I just have some really cool, low music, after a good gym session I listen to, and I stretch in between my meditation; but I’m also just talking to myself. You know a question I ask myself? What is the purpose of today? What is my purpose today? Because you know when you ask yourself a great question, John said you tend to get a pretty good answer. I start thinking of the things I want to achieve today.

You know a question I ask myself? What is the purpose of today?

8:10 Call it the Profit Zone

The profit zone, 9:30 to 11:30. 2 hours. I hate the word prospecting, sorry. To me, it’s like a dirty word, but profit zone, for me, is like I’m there to meet new people and make profit in my business, right? I just changed my terminology, like what we say to ourselves. Prospecting used to put hairs on my back. I’m going into the profit zone, I was like “Woah, I’m excited now.” It just might change your thinking, but if you want to write ‘prospecting’, please feel free to. That’s my thinking, but profit zone is what I like. 30 minutes personal development. John said, are you a pro? Are you reading Elite Agent Magazine? Are you listening to a podcast in the morning? Or are you listening to trashy radio? I’m being honest.

8:54 Watering the garden

Podcasts, so I’ve got the personal development, 30 minutes a day, really important. Role-play and warm-up. I’m begin really nice with this guy, but an agent like you guys, I used to do 30 minutes a day. My scripts, my dialogue. That’s my tools, I’m going out there every day. I want to be the Kobe Bryant, that when I’ve got a listing opportunity, I don’t want to miss. I want to win every time, so I’d role play my presentation 3 times a week.

John said, sometimes we talk too much, but if you actually sit there and ask questions, I used to ask the questions, from whatever it may be. From – if you want me to bring the right comparables to your home when I see you tonight, Kim, what do you think your home may be worth? With your marketing, would you like me to bring the last three successful marketing campaigns that we used in X suburb around the corner from you, or would you prefer to sit down and tailor-make your marketing campaign together? It’s all about questions, because at the end of the day, the more questions you ask, and something you’ll learn from the great coaches we’ve got coming up over the next 12 weeks, decisions are based and made on emotions. I like him, he’s comfortable.

10:15 30 Conversations a day

I really think that, so role-play and practice was really important. Calls. 30 conversations a day. Talking to past clients, talking to buyers, if you want to, cold-call; but I think the more conversations you make … If someone said to me “Claudio, what’s the sort of benchmark I should be looking at?” I’d say to you, in your ideal day and week, 30 calls a day is what you want to aim for. What do you like doing?

Yeah, and there are many other agents that actually like meeting people, and I’d rather meet people face-to-face, but for some people, for this guy, it’s door knocking every day. Listings weekly, he wants to take 1. Add new people to the database, 20 a day. Appraisals booked, he’s looking for 1 appraisal a day. Face-to-face appointments, 2 a day. Profit zone, he’s got 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., 4:00 to 7:00 at night. On Wednesday he does business building, 4:00 to 7:00. Hot buy list, magazines sent out, thank-you cards sent out, he wants to do 5 a day. Email and texts, he aims to do 10. Relationship time. Date night, Sunday night. Wow, you know what, you better put that in there, or I’m going to come and talk to your partners. When I talk to agents, and part of it sometimes it does get personal, and they say to me, “Claudio, my marriage is falling apart.” Or whatever; it’s not like an overnight event, it’s a series of things that have occurred to that point. What I’ve found is, most people just don’t make the effort any more, do you know what I mean? I can say I’m happily married 13 years, but I still make an effort to have time with the family and the kids altogether.

11:50 Get your family aspects right

I try and make most nights at home at 6:30 at night, if I can, or 7:00, to try and have dinner at the table. Family is probably the core and the nucleus of the way you’re going to feel everything. If you can get that right, your business will flow, everything else flows.

12:50 Read your why every day

There’s a bit of an example of what it looks like for me to be in rhythm. Now, here’s the thing, here’s the catch. What you’ve got to do is reflect at the end of each day. “But Claudio, 6:00, I’m running out the door to get back to the office and get home.” Or whatever else. People who make excuses generally have no money. If you want to be a pro, don’t make an excuse, and you’ll have lots of money, because you’ll be able to do this. At the end of every day, you need to reflect and revise my goals. Just for 10 minutes, just look at your goals everyday. Can you put in there as well, read your ‘why’ until you own it. I don’t need to read my ‘why’ anymore because I own it; but John my coach made me do it for 6 months, every day, read it, read it, read it. Now, he said, you put that ‘why’ in an envelope, and he goes, choose a color envelope, and put it next to your bedside table, and you know when you’re having a tough time in life, challenges, like we all do; we’re all human; he goes, I want you to go and pick up your ‘why’ and read it again.

That was the best exercise, that defined my ‘why’. Write down your ‘why’ there, and read it. I want you to read it every day until you literally own it. Then, each day just check in with yourself. Be honest. Your ideal day in work is more about you being in rhythm, and I want you guys to be in rhythm in your life. Not just in your business, but in your life, because that’s where happiness really starts is everywhere in your life. As I said before, I said a lot of agents who are great in their businesses, but they’re into their third marriage.

I can see guys, and remember, just quickly, sitting in ’96, John was having his first or second AREC here in Sydney with about 150 people, it was really small then, there was a guy named Bob Bohlen who spoke on stage, and he was riding 20 million bucks a year then. That’s probably about 50 mil today, maybe. I thought, I want to do what he’s doing. I spoke to him after he spoke, and I said “Bob, I’d love to come and see you in Michigan.”

14:20 Work smart not hard – laser beam focus

He said “Speak to my PA, Regina, and organise it.” Anyway, he had a shadowing program at the time which cost $5,000. I was like, okay, I didn’t realise this was a program, but he said, “Come over, you’ll get to stay with me.” And et cetera, but the one thing that I found out was, he was making $20 million a year working 4 days a week. Working 4 days a week. Half the time, what we’re doing is we’re not being productive, and what we’re meant to be doing. We just fluff around and we jump from one thing, and we get distracted, and whatever else. You need to have laser-beam focus in what you want to achieve, everyday, and to be in that rhythm. It’s really easy. You can make the excuses and have no money in the bank, or you can be the pro, and be fulfilled in your life, which is not about the money, which is having fulfillment in your own life, and a sense of achievement.

You can make the excuses and have no money in the bank, or you can be the pro, and be fulfilled in your life

I wrote at the end, I’ve got a gratitude book. A big thing. At the end of the day I’ve got this book right next to me like a journal, I just write three things that I’m grateful for for the day. Whatever it is. It could be, today I’ll probably write, “Meeting six awesome people and being part of their journey.” The next thing could be “Had a great workout this morning, felt really good.” Gratitude at the end just sort of completes the end of your day, and allows you to reflect. You see why people feel like they’re on a treadmill, because they never stop and reflect. We just feel like we’re going 100mph every day, every day, and those type of people are your grinders. Living from paycheck to paycheck. Versus the super achievers, at the end of the day, have got absolute clarity, have got absolute rhythm, and always tend to be quite humble and grateful.

I want you guys to take that away. Look in your time, but make sure, as part of the prospecting or your profit zone, you should be doing, just so you know, minimum 12 hours a week. Minimum, aim for 12 hours a week. There’s a gentleman by the name of Tim Ferris, he’s got some great podcasts, by the way, Tim Ferris; but he said, if you had a goal that you wanted to achieve in 10 years, but you had to achieve it in 1 year, how would you work differently today? Imagine that. If you had a 10 year goal, which could be opening an office, could be whatever, I don’t know. Being number 1 in an area; and you could achieve it in 1 year, how would you work differently today? Because sometimes we go “That’s my 10 year goal.” And we just work at this little pace, and I think that’s what John was referring to. It’s like when you ask yourself a really great question, you get an exceptional answer, and it gives you the focus. If I had to do this in 12 months, what would you do? I need to do this … You start thinking.

That’s probably the greatest way for you to start dissecting where you want to get to.


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