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Transform 2017 Week 8 Tom Panos: How to Get the Appraisal and Win the Listing

Here are the highlights from our Super Six session with Tom Panos


Tom Panos

Key Points

  • You don’t prospect to get a listing, you prospect to get contacts
  • Frequency builds trust
  • The listing is usually won before the listing presentation.


Mr and Mrs Vendor, there’s only two reasons your property hasn’t sold: it’s either the price is too high or the marketing is poor. If it’s not sold in two weeks we need to address it again.”

Video Notes/Transcript

Here’s the coaching session: step number one, I want everyone now to write down what do they think that they need to do in the next thirty days that will have the biggest impact in helping their real estate and their personal life, write that down.

If I’ve got a client one-on-one that’s paying me, this is how I end every conversation:What are you gonna do? When are you gonna do it by? How am I gonna know it’s been done?

Ownership data; it gives you good, clean information. You are going to ring up, and you’re gonna say, “Hi, it’s Leanne here from Gardian. I’m letting you know that there is a property that is ten doors from you that is now on the market. Would you like me to keep you in contact with how it goes?” End of story.

Every time a property is sold, you will ring up the same fifty people and say, “Hi, it’s Leanne here, I’m letting you know a house five doors up has just been sold, would you like to know the new value of your home?” That for you is probably the most impactive thing that you can do in the next thirty days to get you potential listings.  

I would ring up everyone that has bought a property at the moment and I would say, “It’s Leanne here from Gardian. We noticed that you actually purchased a property from our office three years ago, right now we have got a deep shortage of properties. We’ve got buyers but we don’t have listings. If I had someone that was interested in your property, what would you like me to do with them?” I would be ringing those people up. Yeah?

This is AM. This is PM. Here, block out time for prospecting. Here, you can just do your other stuff because if you don’t get this out of the way, you’ll be getting distractions that will get in your way.

AM: you grow your business, PM: you maintain your business. Don’t worry about an ideal week 9 til 10, 10 to 11, 11 to 12, that’s suffocating.

“Always Be Educating” your marketplace, not what some agents do, which is A, B, C “Always Be Closing”.

Some agents are ringing up all the time and all they’re saying is “I’m just ringing up to see, you know, when are you thinking of coming on the market?”

People hate that, they can smell the commission breath, they know that you’re not that, so all of the sudden real estate starts to make sense.

You don’t prospect, this is the thing I want you to leave with me today: you do not prospect to get a listing, you prospect to get contacts. These contacts become relationships. One day they’re ready for an appraisal so you go over and do an appraisal.

You win the listing because you’ve become good and you give an unstoppable presentation and they say, “That Leanne; she’s got a good feeling about her, I trust her, and you know why I trust her? I’ll tell you why I trust her: because she’s been talking to me for about a year and frequency builds trust.” So the listing was won not at the listing presentation, the listing was won here.

That process there is gonna take one year for some people, three months for some people, it changes. All I’m saying is this is the game but stop keeping score all the time. Right?

Because you’re not gonna prospect and get listings. The problem is this: your brain, I know how it works; one half of your brain is saying “I’m doing this stuff, but it’s not giving me anything” and then the other half of it is saying “but I need to keep doing it because they say I should do it” and then you have this committee going on in your head, and this committee I’m telling you is what you’ve gotta take control of.

Your success in real estate is going to ball down to this: how much control you’ve got over your mind.

I want you guys to finish this twelve week program to have a beautiful life on the outside and a beautiful life on the inside, because that’s gonna be happiness in your life.

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