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Transform 2017 Week 2A Claudio Encina: Understanding Your ‘Why’, Local Market Monitor

Here are the highlights from our Super Six session with Transform mentor and performance coach Claudio Encina.


Claudio Encina

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Key Points

  • Willpower vs Whypower: your why is more important than the how.
  • The 3 parts to your business: inside sales, outside sales and circle sales
  • One DL card and one call-to-action letter each month
  • Using a Local Market Monitor


“The habits and rituals will get you so far – what I call ‘will power’ – but your ‘why power’ will move mountains.”

[Tweet “The habits and rituals will get you so far – what I call ‘will power’ – but your ‘why power’ will move mountains.”]

Video Notes/Transcript

Firstly, I want to say I’m super excited to be here and honoured to join you for the next 12 weeks on this amazing journey. I did it last year and I had the honour of doing it with the last #supersix, and it was amazing. It was all about yes, the transformation, but one thing, I suppose when you guys did your little video, that it would have been that day when you said, “I’m making a decision,” right?

I get a lot of clients ask me, “Claudio, this is who I am. This is what I want to become and what are the habits and rituals that I need to do?” The reality is the habits and rituals will get you so far, what I call ‘willpower’ but your ‘why power’ will move mountains.

“Your why is more important than the how.” Because everyone has got that passion and drive and that’s where the willpower comes in. But sometimes it doesn’t get you there, it’s like not enough to drive you.

Because as Tony Robbins says, “80% of our success is the mind, 20% is the mechanics.”

Number 1 part of your business is Inside Sales. Inside Sales is this: your data base, your spheres of influence.

So we’re talk a little bit about Outside Sales today. So that’s everything in your BDA that comes in from a DL card or call-to-action letter. Outside Sales is social media – people who don’t know you but are watching you.

Third one is Circle Sales. Gonna talk to you a little bit about an 8-week touchpoint plan. You gotta have a structure. Easy to do, easy not to do.

I believe you should have a minimum of one DL card going out once a month into your BDA, into your core area. As a minimum.

What does that look like? Picture of you. People want to know who you are. What you look like, what you do, and what’s your offer? They’re the three core things around that. Generally with your DL card, on the back you put some success sales.

But if you look at your cost per lead in your business, and you spent on letterbox drops throughout the year, let’s [say] $10,000. $10,000 on Facebook ads can get you a far lot better value.

There is still a place for DL cards, you still need to do it. Last time I checked, there were letterboxes. Are there letterboxes in your area?

Second thing is call-to-action letter. That’s the second piece that you want to do as a minimum each month.

“Hi from Claudio Encina.” Do not put, “Dear resident,” “Dear homeowner.” I would either put, “Hi from Claudio,” or “Hi from Ben,” or, “Hi from Darin.” The days of long winded letters that used to go out? Forget those.

Got a great saying. “My impact drives my income.” One DL card, one call-to-action letter each month.

You want your business to have flow of consistent leads, have systems of structure. Most agents prefer not to do it. Why? “It’s too hard, I get busy.” We come up with lazy excuses.

I want you to remember why. For me now, I’m like a pro. I have now a diary full of people that I can’t even fit in, but I have the structures and systems that have allowed me to have that level of business. Imagine if you had that.

“What do you want to feel? What do you want to experience?” Because to me, the goal is more the experience that you feel.

I was talking to him [my client] about real estate. He goes, “Claudio. I just want to feel like I’ve got five open homes on a Saturday.” He goes, “When I’ve got five open homes, this feels awesome. Sign board, point boards. Everything is in the area.”

I said, “Great. How about we look at creating some sort of structure around how we’re going to get you to that feeling?” Because it’s not so much as having five listings every Saturday. It’s the feeling of him going to five open homes.

So what does it look like? 8-week touch point plan. I’m not going to teach you anything new. But what I will teach you is, if you can implement it today, moving it forward because you made the decision to transform, everything must be a ‘must.’

If you start to put that structure in over time, and here’s the thing, we all look for instant gratification. It’s like, “Claudio, tried that for three months, didn’t get anything out of it.” Talk to me after you’ve done it for 9 months.

The market monitor. It’s about market knowledge. I still would like for you guys each week, yes, we get property alerts that come in, [but] as you get those alerts each week, I’m going to get you to populate into an Excel sheet in a moment.

When you have that human element of where you do it each week and you’re monitoring that listing on domain.com.au and realestate.com.au and you’re seeing it week in week out. After month three, you know it’s an expired listing.

When you start to identify, know your numbers around market share, you know where you’re sitting.


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