Training for success: How industry leaders approach training and the benefits it provides

Our Insights survey told us top-performing agents are committed to undertaking further training each and every year, but what kind of training is it exactly? We surveyed four industry leaders to find out what they offer their teams in the way of training, and how it benefits them.

Charles Tarbey – Chairman, Combined Franchise Services

What in-house training do you do/provide your agents?

Training and education are two different things when it comes to keeping the network up-to-date. The main level of training is delivered online and is accessible at any time as it is located within our business platform and CRM.

All internal and external trainers from previous years and current are recorded, and these training videos and seminars are categorised and loaded within the platform, allowing all team members, from recruits in sales and property management to established team members and office managers and principals, to access a training session based on their needs at the time.

Our National Training Team also conduct weekly sessions on a variety of topics. However, in addition to this, they also conduct one-on-one online sessions for individual offices based on their needs.

Different from training, and what is lacking within our industry, is education. To this end, we have created the C21 University and have added 53 courses.

How does training help you/your agent grow your/their business?

The main part of training for me and the C21 team, I hope, is all about sharpening the saw.

The foundational training we have in place becomes most relevant when we revisit these regularly and go back to basics.

What’s the number one training book/course/resource you recommend and why?

Training courses can only offer full value if the person attending them has the right attitude and mindset.

I have always recommended one book to read before any course to have a long-term, sustainable effect. The book is The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino.

It can be read in two hours, but it has chapters that need to be read three times each day, every day, for 10 months. So educating the mind, burning into the subconscious, has to come before any training has long-term sustainable impacts.

Tiffany Bowtell – Chief Executive Officer, Property Management Virtual Assistant

What in-house training do you do/provide your staff?

Training within our organisation is selected based upon three categories:

1. Technical training to enhance job skills and performance

2. Professional training in alignment with our company values 

3. Personal development training to empower employees

We run internal training every day, all year round, and attend paid external training courses.

What external training do you do?

We select a mixture of different types of training. We seek out experts in the field of study relevant to the topics we want to learn about.

For example, we’ve attended leadership training with Tony Robbins, mindset training with William Whitecloud, and our entire leadership team is Console Cloud Certified.

How does training help you grow your business?

Training is the lifeblood of our company. Our number one value is “grow always in all ways”, which means that everything we do has a lesson, and the goal is to learn and take action to evolve and innovate our workplace.

What’s the number one training book/course/resource you recommend and why?

As a company with more than 150 employees, hands down, everyone loves the Tony Robbins courses. We do two training sessions per year, and the impact, energy and dedication always leave everyone wanting more.

Manos Findikakis – Chief Executive Officer, Eview Group

What in-house training do you do/provide your agents?

We provide an extensive range of training – from my daily email, which shares a positive or inspirational quote, to twice yearly ‘personal best’ workshops that run for a whole day.

Other training includes weekly high impact sales workshops, team and office sales meetings and hands-on database management and CRM capabilities training.

Once a fortnight, selected team members share their success strategies, or we engage a special guest speaker. We also have script and dialogue training.

We also hold monthly national sales and team meetings with guest speakers, and every quarter we have business plan reviews and property management training workshops. We also hold one-on-one accountability and strategy sessions as needed.

How does training help you/your agent grow your/their business?

The benefits of an active and engaging training program are many, but the clear standouts are that it equips us with the ability to improve our processes and ensure consistency.

We have an ‘always learning’ mentality and focus on best practice and being at the leading edge of the industry. All of this results in bettering the client experience and retaining satisfied, focused and engaged team members.

What’s the number one training book/course/resource you recommend and why?

Our signature, in-house Personal Best Year Sales and Property Management program. It’s a blueprint for all of the sales and property management processes, and it helps you identify the high impact activities that save you time and amplify results.

Andrew Cocks – Managing Director, Richardson & Wrench

What in-house training do you do/provide your agents?

The delivery of in-house training is a major focus for R&W, and our corporate team focus on finding a great mix of training topics and delivery options.

We ensure a mix of in-person and digital training is offered to the group that targets all major real estate practices from entry to leadership level.

Our corporate team is structured with individual specialities across brand, marketing, technology and digital, compliance, human resources and employment and operations.

We can supplement the in-house training that we provide to leverage our corporate talent pool to benefit staff across the network.

Our training schedule changes regularly to deliver the most topical, up-to-date and most engaging content possible.

We also have new staff induction training and engage experts within our network to share their successes and compare notes with other offices.  

What external training do you do?

We have a preference to engage marquee specialist trainers, sales agents, property managers and real estate business leaders from across the industry who excel in their core area of expertise.

Our teams love being inspired by the best in the business, and by offering a variety of ‘boots on the ground’ style sessions, we quench that thirst of agents wanting to learn from the best and implement industry best practice methods.

We also draw on the rich pool of industry-leading business coaches and trainers.

How does training help you/your agent grow your/their business?

Training is the punctuation mark that we all need in what we’re doing – it gives us a slight pause to think and allows an area of emphasis to be highlighted.

Most people will know that you only retain a small portion of what you hear during training and implement even less. However, the benefit of training (particularly the collective benefit of group training) is that each small increment of improvement will be magnified as it is applied across an organisation.

The other thing that training does is allow you to reimpose the good habits that you already know but may have slipped into the background.

What’s the number one training book/course/resource you recommend and why?

Gerber’s The E-Myth is always a great resource wherever you are in your professional life.

It’s relevant whether you’re a business owner or part of the team – if you look at whatever you do as ‘your business’, the philosophies that Gerber describes will assist in improving outcomes, productivity and communication with others. 

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