Top 10 tips for improving your listing presentation

Yes, folks – Tom Ferry is coming back to Australia for AREC 15. If you’ve never experienced Tom before, here is a taster.

In Episode 10 of the #TomFerryShow, Tom walks you through 10 ways to freshen up your listing presentation so you can win every listing! Watch this video and make sure you leave with these top takeaways:

– Go to (1:47) to hear about a “coming soon” listing video strategy that will create a high degree of separation between you and your competitors

– Go to (7:44) to learn about the 3 price strategy of listing a home that helps you build massive rapport with potential sellers

– Go to (9:32) to learn how to present commission fees during your listing appointment and earn the money you deserve!

Here’s the extended version of the 3 pricing strategy video: https://youtu.be/WqTUCGlgWp0


“Over promise and over deliver because the customer deserves better!” Tweet it out: http://ctt.ec/a3J0A

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