The Trusted Agent Podcast: Kylie Davis on customer expectations, real estate disruption, and tech tools that create clients

As a real estate marketer and the president of the PropTech Association Australia, Kylie Davis has the opportunity to view real estate from a very different vantage point. And it’s an industry with an interesting challenge, she reflects.

On the one hand, real estate professionals are responsible to the vendors and landlords who engage their services. On the other, their customer is the renter or buyer who delivers the funds.

In a tech-driven age, that client expectation is also changing, with customers now demanding the industry offers the same level of service, transparency and instant communication that they find almost everywhere else.

In this episode of The Trusted Agent, Kylie shares her top tips on how real estate can embrace technology and automation to meet the needs of a changing consumer.

She offers her insight into what clients actually want, how agents can better cater to their expectation, and the areas where agents should consider technology to improve their service and create trust.

Having recently taken on a role with the RiSE Initiative, Kylie also shares the data on the real estate industry and mental health, including why the industry needs to tackle the issue head on, and how real estate professionals can get the help they need.

In the interim, Kylie explains every transaction is an opportunity for agents and PMs to create raving fans.

“As real estate agents, in every transaction we have the ability to delight two people and to bank that delight as a future customer.” Kylie Davis

Sean and Kylie also discuss:

  • Why every transaction leaves an impression, and how real estate professionals can ensure they are remembered for the right reasons
  • How real estate is being disrupted by the experiences clients have elsewhere and why the post-Covid property boom is set to take that up a notch
  • Why Kylie believes the next two years will be critical to the industry’s future when it comes to improving the real estate experience
  • Where to focus your attention on technology to provide a better human connection and the type of service your customers seek  
  • The frightening statistics about the industry’s mental health, and how agents, PMs and leaders can change the focus from transactions to seeing the meaningful value in what they do
  • Why being a trusted agent is all about ensuring your tech and automation is under control
  • What clients want and how the real estate industry can tailor the information they provide to meet those needs
  • Why you cannot be a people person to all the people who want a piece of you if the only tool in your toolbox is a mobile phone
  • Kylie’s top tips on providing relevant content and communication that builds trust and creates repeat clientele

*If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, 24 hour crisis support is available from LifeLine on 13 11 14, Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 or through various online resources.

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