How to be client-centric: Kylie Davis talks building real estate relationships, what buyers and sellers really want, and the PropTech you really need

Want to fast forward your client growth strategy? Check out this episode of the Elevate Podcast with special guest Kylie Davis

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If you’ve ever thought there’s too much PropTech to get your head around, you’re probably right. It’s a big, big arena, with lots of bright shiny objects all vying for your business attention.

But if there’s one person who can help you understand the tech currently available, how it can benefit your business and more importantly your customer, it’s Kylie Davis. 

As the head of the PropTech Association, Kylie has her finger on the pulse of all the latest tools, tech and innovation. However, her real skill lies in identifying how those tools translate to a better real estate experience for your customers.

Kylie explains too often agencies look at PropTech from the wrong angle, seeking out the latest shiny object that they mistakenly believe will make all their woes disappear.

Instead, they should be approaching PropTech with the customer experience front of mind.

Kylie also outlines exactly the tech she would employ as an agency owner in order to focus on building better client relationships.

Along the way she discusses the agency of the future, and shares an in-depth insight into what buyers and sellers actually want in terms of real estate relationships.

“The thing that you need to do is to understand what kind of agent and what kind of agency do you want to run? What do you want that end user experience to feel like for your clients and how can you get more clients, how do you get more leads?

“Then take each section one by one and find out or ask around to find out, well, what tech could help us solve this problem?” Kylie Davis.

Samantha and Kylie also discuss:

  • How to set up an agency for the future
  • What buyers and sellers really want
  • The biggest innovations occurring in real estate
  • What property management will look like in the years to come
  • How to tie your tech together for a better customer experience
  • Why it’s a myth that all PropTechs are startups
  • Why selecting a PropTech is about considering how much you’re willing to risk 
  • How disruption stems from the need for a better real estate experience
  • When and why you should trial tech in your business 
  • What customers really want from the PropTech you implement
  • And more…

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