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Kylie Davis: Technology and Trends

Kylie Davis is a former journalist, editor and publisher with 25 years’ experience in the media. She entered the world of big data through her work at CoreLogic and from there she found an interest in the PropTech and technology space in real estate.

Kylie Davis will be speaking at Prop20 in March and April. To register for this event visit

Kylie, what’s your area of speciality?
My speciality these days is PropTech, technology, marketing and data. I’m a storyteller. I understand how to tell a great story and there are superpowers we have as journalists where we can walk into an unknown situation and work out exactly what’s going on and summarise it in 20 words or less in about 10 minutes.

In the product and technology space, that’s extremely powerful. If people don’t understand what they’re talking about, then no one buys the products.

What topic(s) will you be speaking on at Prop20?
I’ll be talking about technology and trends in real estate and what you should do about them. So I’ll be talking about trends like big data, AI, automation and consumer expectations, because they’re the things that are really still driving what’s happening.

Then it comes down to asking: What does that mean? Where do I start and what does a driverless car mean for a real estate agent? Then there are all of these new customer expectations, so what should I do to deliver better?

I’m going to look at things like: what does an AI-enabled agent look like? If I’m an AI-enabled agent, what does that mean I’m going to be able to do and what can I look forward to?

I’ll look at how it’s going to change our real estate offices, including the rise of the mega office and the decline of the seller-principal.

I’ll also look at property as a service, what that looks like, and how that’s going to change our commission structures, revenue and how we make money in real estate.

Also, what kind of tech we should be using to get our lives back.

What do we need to learn as an industry to do better or differently?
One of the biggest things the industry is going to learn in the next three to five years – and the sooner we learn it the better – is how to manage change in our organisations.

How do we introduce and manage change and not just let it be something that is done to us?

I want to touch on how to go about developing an interesting idea and actually rolling it out.

And how do we do it in a way that, if it doesn’t work, we don’t break the whole business?

What are the trends you’re seeing/driving in content marketing?
We have to get real about why we keep marketing the way we’ve always marketed.

The reason for that is that we’ve made it really easy because we’ve got the processes set up to do it. Changing processes is always a pain point, but that’s where the heavy lifting has to come.

There is inherent bias in our businesses that because it’s hard we don’t want to change things, and then we end up with outcomes that we don’t want, and marketing is the next battlefield for that.

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