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The legal must-haves to take you from success to succession

With more and more principals planning early exits, it’s become increasingly important that you plan your succession strategically to protect your legacy and ensure financial security for your next adventure.

According to the Macquarie Bank Benchmark Report, the real estate sector can expect a surge in exit intent.

More than 50 per cent of the respondents were contemplating some form of exit, from delegating day-to-day operations to external or internal sale.

This means the market is set to become very competitive.

Considering this, O*NO Legal Founder Kristen Porter, said if you want to protect your agency, maximise your selling price, and secure your financial future, you need to proactively plan for your exit today, not when it’s already in motion.

That’s why O*NO Legal’s – The Real Estate Agent’s Lawyers – upcoming free webinar is all about the legal ‘must-haves’ for your succession and exit plan.

Whether you’re an agency owner or property manager thinking of exiting or selling down in the next few years, or someone who wants to proactively plan to prevent future headaches, this webinar is a must-watch.

Through this interactive, live session, you’ll learn all about:
• The top mistakes principals make when they go to exit.
• The different business exit mechanisms available to you.
• Why you need to align your business exit strategy with your personal estate planning; and
• How O*NO Legal’s real estate agency law experts can help you.

Ms Porter said she knows what it’s like to get caught up in the day-to-day of business operations, but she understands that, “the long-term success of your business requires long-term planning”.

“The first step? Implementing a plan for your exit so that you get the most out of your agency by maximising its value,” she said.

As well as teaching you the legal and practical essentials of succession planning, the webinar will introduce you to how you can go about exiting without issue and increase your agency’s equity value.

Ms Porter, with her third-generation real estate background and unique understanding of the challenges agents face, and senior lawyer Jonathan Green, who previously owned a real estate agency and has recent experience with a successful real estate exit and succession, will lead the comprehensive training webinar.

Participants who join the webinar live will gain access to O*NO Legal’s Succession and Exit Planning Checklist for Real Estate Business for free, ensuring they start their exit planning journey on the right track.

“After putting in the hard years building your business, you undoubtedly want to maximise your value when it’s time to sell,” Ms Porter said.

“So, whether you’re looking to embark on your next adventure or retire, achieving top dollar for your agency requires strategic planning, choosing the right exit strategy, and working towards a smooth transition.”

Take the first step by joining O*NO Legal’s free From Success to Succession webinar on November 16 at 10am AEDT. Register here.

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