The information advantage: Mindy Powell-Hodges on the rise of the property logbook and how you can use it to gain a competitive sales and rental edge

Whether you’re a sales agent negotiating with a buyer or a PM managing an investment, having detailed information on hand about a property is a huge customer service asset. In this podcast, Mindy Powell-Hodges discusses some new tools that will put that detailed history and insight right in the palm of your hand.

Imagine you could provide a buyer with a full history of a property, right down to the paint colours used, the warranties for appliances, and the name of the builder who completed that incredible renovation.

Would it make the property more attractive to the purchaser, could it improve your after-sales service?

What if you could cut the to-ing and fro-ing between property manager, landlord and tenant in the initial days of a tenancy by giving the renter everything they need to know about bin day, how the air-conditioner works and that fiddly alarm system that takes a bit of know-how?

Would it improve the relationship with the property manager, tenant and landlord? Could it reduce the workload of already stretched PMs?

As Mindy Powell-Hodges explains in this Elevate podcast, that’s exactly what she believes some new tools are set to offer in the form of a digital logbook akin to that of a car.

From appliance details to paint colours, title documents and more, it will allow owners to create a complete dossier of their property that they can access from an app in the palm of their hand.

When it comes time to selling or renting that home, that tech could be a game changer, allowing buyers to gain a full picture of the property and renters to start a tenancy agreement with ease.

And Mindy understands very clearly how this would benefit sellers, buyers, renters, agents and PMs alike. After all, she carved out a hugely successful real estate career, working for some of the country’s biggest brands in both sales and corporate.

She knows the importance of efficiency in real estate and why it’s imperative to up the customer service ante in a bid to stand out from the crowd.

In this episode with Elevate podcast producer Cassandra Charlesworth, Mindy shares an insight into that expertise, delivering her top tips on what it takes to be a great agent in any market, including how you can use technology to assist.

She shares her own fascinating story of sheer tenacity, including how she became one of the first women to climb the management ranks of the US horse racing industry, then applied that knowledge in the UAE working alongside the royal family, before pivoting into a real estate career in Australia.

In a podcast that covers everything from PropTech that’s simply a ‘no-brainer’ to the inspiring story of how Mindy forged a brilliant real estate career, there’s a whole lot to learn about where the future of property ownership is headed and the tools you can apply to be the real estate professional of choice.

“The way I see it is we wouldn’t buy a car without a logbook. So imagine having a home that buyers are spending millions of dollars on that has a logbook, and you turn to a buyer and say, ‘Hey, just grab that QR code and there’ll be further information about this property’.” – Mindy Powell-Hodges.

Mindy and Cass also discuss:

  • How Mindy came to be one of the first women to climb the ranks of the US horse racing industry and how that translated into a successful real estate career half way across the globe.
  • Why Mindy came to be in real estate by chance but quickly found her feet with an energetic and enthusiastic prospecting style.
  • The myths about the real estate industry that she believes leaders need to address when hiring new agents.
  • How Mindy fostered great talent in other agents during her corporate career, and what she looks for in a successful agent.
  • How PropTech is allowing property owners to keep a logbook of their property, and why that’s beneficial to agents and PMs during the selling or renting process.
  • Why Mindy believes every property will one day have its own digital dossier and how there’s benefits to offering your clients access to that tech right now.
  • How the tech can help agents and PMs create greater efficiency and an improved customer experience.
  • Why every property has its nuances and how you can help all real estate clients navigate a home’s quirks.

And much, much more…

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Cassandra Charlesworth

Cassandra Charlesworth is a features writer for Elite Agent Magazine with over 15 years’ journalism experience in metropolitan and regional newsrooms. She has a specialist interest in real estate, tech disruption and a good old-fashioned “yarn”.