The D’Luxe Nuts: A real-world recap of Season 2 episode 5 plus an exclusive with D’Leanne Lewis

Season 2 of Luxe Listings is serving up all the drama you could dream of in a show packed full of picturesque properties, luxury cars and competitive agents. Here, we unpack episode 5, and also catch up with series stars D'Leanne Lewis who shares her thoughts on resilience, survival of the fittest, and the launch of Season 3.

We’re heading rapidly for the conclusion of Luxe Listings Sydney Season 2 with deals happening all over Sydney – Gavin has temporarily flown the Eastern Suburbs nest for the shire and at the same time, the doctor wants him in his office stat. The Laing+Simmons deal has stalled. Simon and Gavin still aren’t talking…

This is where we pick up on episode 5 with new houses, new experiences and one agent at least who is hoping the drama llamas will finally calm the farm.

In this episode of D’Luxe Nuts, Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean and industry trainer and coach David Skow recap episode 5, unpacking a new buyer, auction action once again with Damien Cooley, agent ‘achievement’ plans, what to do with unreasonable clients, and looking at the differences in how things are done between city and country agents.

In an exclusive Elite Agent interview, Dave also catches up with D’Leanne Lewis, talking about some of the keys to her success, what’s happening with Season 3, and how she rises above when the world of real estate becomes chaotic. She also reveals why there is absolutely no substitute for experience.

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Of course, there is also some fabulous property to look at featuring homes in Double Bay, Sylvania Waters and a truly spectacular home in Bellevue Hill.

In the process, Gavin and Simon offer an insight into their work practices, including what it takes to be an agent operating in one of Australia’s most competitive real estate markets.

There are takeaways on getting ready for auctions, working with auctioneers, looking after your health, and why you have to keep it clean in a small industry.

We can’t say there are cliff-hangers at the end of this episode but we are left wondering… is there really such a thing as a workout suit? How does a buyer’s agent get a 25 per cent price reduction on a dream property? How will Gavin’s team cope with turning their phones off at the two-year TRG party… all of which, no doubt, will have some very good answers.

“Unoverwhelmability: When everything goes big, you go quiet, ” – D’Leanne Lewis.

Samantha and Dave also discuss:

  • What being “hyperlocal” really means and how to use it in your marketing
  • How to deal with demanding clients particularly when they decide to call in ‘favours’
  • Why your health should always be your number 1 priority – and how Gavin Rubinstein dealt with his health scare
  • The need to manage relationships in a small industry like real estate
  • The evidence of how crazy the Sydney real estate market went last year in some suburbs
  • Working the auction floor – and how it’s different in the regions where the listing agent is often the auctioneer
  • The symbiotic relationship between auctioneer and agent (where the roles are adopted by two different people – as usual in city areas)
  • Why hope is not a strategy on auction day and you need to have done the work before auction day to get the result on auction day
  • What to do with your underbidders
  • The high performing habit of meditation and how it can help you deal with rejection, rebalance and renew… (or not…as was the case with Gavin and Simon…)

Plus much, much more…

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.