The buyer’s journey: Samantha McLean and Mark Edwards on the art of ‘mass personalisation’, the AI boom and the agents that stood out during their house-hunting journey

Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean and Publisher Mark Edwards kick off the new year with some big issues affecting the real estate industry in 2023, and share their personal property buying experience, including the email that triggered it all and why the good and bad agents stand out but the mediocre quickly fade from memory.

‘Mass personalisation’ might, on the surface, appear to be a contradiction in terms. However, as you’ll discover in this special episode of the Elevate podcast, it’s one of the key issues not only affecting the real estate industry but the one with the power to supercharge your results.

Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean and Publisher Mark Edwards unpack why that is the case, what happens if you get it wrong and how you can make mass personalisation work for you and your clients.

They also reveal the ups and downs of their own buyer’s journey in 2022, what it taught them about real estate, how good agents really stood out and why AI can make your day more productive when used correctly but can lose you clients if you get it wrong.

There’s also an array of tips and hints, with Mark picking Samantha’s marketing brain on everything from what’s trending now to quickfire social media posts you can do for every listing.

“The people (agents) that niched themselves were incredibly memorable. The people that were the generalists and were just ticking the box, taking the names, and then you just got the SMS saying, ‘thank you for coming through the open home’ and nothing else, they were very forgettable.” – Mark Edwards

Samantha and Mark also discuss:

  • 1.42 – The history of the Elevate podcast and how it started as an “accident”.
  • 6.33 – Mass personalisation in real estate and why ‘productivity tools’ should never overtake paying attention to the client.
  • 8.57 – The AI boom and the disintermediation of the real estate agent.
  • 15.24 – The ‘cold’ email that triggered their search for a new home and their unique views on each stage of the buying journey.
  • 22.12 – What made some agents stand out over others.
  • 27.26 – The biggest marketing trends of 2022, the seven social media posts you can do for every property and how the RRP model can help you.
  • 32.04 – How producing a digital newsletter could help you and your business remain top of mind in your market – and earn you a new revenue stream.
  • 34.47 – Why marketing in a downturn can be valuable (verses the knee jerk of simply cost-cutting)
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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.


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