The building inspection tips your vendors haven’t thought of

An Adelaide building inspections company has released a 12-step checklist for real estate agents and their vendors to prepare a home for sale, ensure they’re not caught out by ‘hidden’ building issues and help generate the best price possible.

Building Consultant at Precise Building Inspections Adelaide, Daniel Massey, said while most agents and sellers know a good tidy-up, decluttering and solid cleaning are needed before a home comes to market, not all fully understand the need to go the extra mile and do more extensive repairs.

Mr Massey said more buyers than ever were using building inspectors in Adelaide, and rather than being caught out with a list of defects from a purchaser-organised building inspection, agents could recommend their vendors act proactively and correct any issues first.

“Buyers are really savvy in today’s market and they’re getting building inspections in Adelaide to ensure they’re buying a solid property,” he said.

“Your vendors want to get the best price for their home and to do that, they need to ensure everything is ship-shape.”

Mr Massey said the first three steps in the checklist included encouraging your vendor to remove emotion and personal attachment from the process and look at the sale and the property as a buyer would. 

“A great way to get into an objective state of mind is for your vendors to actually attend open house inspections,” he said.

“It doesn’t take long to drop into open viewings on the weekend and take note of what stands out, either positively or negatively.

“Encourage them to note how the rooms have been styled, if they would or wouldn’t live there and think about what makes the property attractive.”

The next four steps are where your vendors can make a difference in the value they retain and add to their homes.

Create a photo album of repairs

Mr Massey said agents and their vendors should examine the home, top to bottom, and document all of the repairs that need attending to.

Look at things like damaged gutters and pipes, poor water pressure, chipped and peeling paint, damaged fences, dry rot, pest-damaged wood, cracks in walls, mould and broken doors or windows.

“Be ruthless during this process, and have your vendors take photos of everything that has been bugging them for the last little while and record how long it will take to fix those issues,” Mr Massey said.

Precise Building Inspections Daniel Massey conducts a building inspection in Adelaide.

Make a list of priorities for repairs

It’s a good idea to start with the most tedious or time-consuming repairs and try to finish each job start-to-finish.

“Advise your vendors to prioritise repairs into ‘jobs that can be done in an hour’, ‘repairs that take a day’ and ‘time-consuming repairs’,” Mr Massey said. 

“That way, they will know straight away what to do depending on whether they have a lot or a little amount of time.”

DIY or trade?

Next, your vendors will need to decide whether they have the skill level required to do the repairs or if they will need to bring in an expert.

Mr Massey said touching up paint, weeding, cleaning and garden maintenance were all things vendors could do themselves, while tiling, plumbing and electrical work would need professionals.

“When getting quotes, have your vendor send the trades the photos they took, as this will help the repairer know how much time will be required,” he said.

Get a building and pest inspection  

Mr Massey recommends your vendors have their own building inspection completed before the property is put on the market.

“A forward thinking approach in this area ensures that the power remains in your hands during the selling process and affords your vendors time to take control of any issues that may be lurking below the surface,” he said.

“In addition to the above, this can demonstrate to potential buyers that there is nothing to hide about the condition of the property and can in turn, protect the sale price and potential profit.”

Mr Massey said finding building inspectors in Adelaide was as simple as a quick online search, but he urged agents and vendors to ensure the expert they selected was properly licensed.

“Always ask what qualifications they have,” he said.

Other steps in the Precise Building Inspections Adelaide checklist include selling, donating and decluttering unwanted items, keeping up maintenance and repairs during the sales campaign, as well as ensuring the home is presented at its best inside and out.
For more information on building inspections in Adelaide and for the complete checklist visit Precise Building Inspections Adelaide.

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